In fact, Copperfield, which led to several minutes of the Statue of Liberty disappear, was just the performer.Focus coined the famous designer Jim Steynmeyerom illusions and realized it only once - Copperfield.This most famous illusionist trick was performed before the eyes of admiring the set of observers.


trick was done by night on purpose.Before the Freedom Monument had dwelt two towers.Statue of brightly lit, so that even on the radar appeared distinguishable mark on it.Monitors pulse radar showed large, so that the audience in no doubt that they - accurate and impartial devices - will be responsible for the presence of a statue on a pedestal that no magician did.

And then ...

on the tower vzdergivaetsy
a white canvas, then lowered it, and amazed the audience sees the statue was gone.The only thing that was able to consider the observers - the lighting, the remainder of the monument.Radars drew blank monitor screen, the throbbing mark the statue was gone, too.Object no.

then repeated manipulation of matter, and the statue appears before the audience.


Enigma illusion is that, when the fabric is raised, at the same time, all illumination, lighting monument disappear, and with it disappears and the silhouette of the statue, since no other light sources. Appeared the lighting of the empty pedestal is false, imitation.
Some, however, hold a different point of view.They believe that the disappearance of the statue of the famous illusionist achieved not only by switching off the illumination, but also banal video editing.

Someone thinks that all this is only a hoax.They confirm that video changes the number of lights illuminating a statue, they became eleven, when in fact they are ten.Also in favor of this version plays coverage crown bright white lights, although in reality it is illuminated with blue light.A loud applause of a small group of viewers seem to put it mildly, unnatural.Which once again proves that it can be only a staging with a good game of actors, masterful use of lighting and video editing.
David Copperfield has made his name in history as the creator of the famous and most bewildering trick.

In any case, the Statue of Liberty could not disappear from his seat, it makes no sense to argue, as David is not a magician, much less a great engineer to move the monument in a short period of time.This illusion has glorified his name for years to come, make the world talk about him and his abilities.David Copperfield has made his name in history as the creator of the famous and most bewildering trick.