you need
  • disc recording vocals, minus one.
The first thing to do in any competition - registration.To do this, take them to the Organizing Committee the registration form, attach a 3-4 photos and audio material.About the last point in more detail.Audio material must contain at least 2 record with the participation of the contestant.
second stage - listening.It takes it in Moscow from October to February.After him, the best contestants are sent to the national selection round.
National Selection.Date: January 22 - 01 April, 201
1.Listens to representatives of federal districts, and then the other countries (Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Georgia, and so on. D.).Just like an audition, only the best are selected.The last test is waiting for the semi-finals.
last spurt before going on the big stage - the semi-finals.The competitor must perform two songs: a song from the movie / cartoon and song of choice.It takes a semi-final 2 days in April, and at the same time determined the final list of finalists.
Before the final contestants rehearse with professionals.To develop the image and repertoire of the participants have 10 days.
Finals.The last step to becoming a superstar.Competition takes 3 days in the Crimea.As the contest, the jury is international, it includes popular domestic and foreign performers, producers, representatives of the companies.Performances of participants are measured at 11-point scale.
Participants are divided into age groups, each of which is allocated 3 seats.Established and the Audience Award, which is awarded to the participant with the most votes in the hall and through online voting.