next to her triumph always lived the tragedy.She was the femme fatale for his men and started it for myself.Delilah was born in 1933 in an Italian family, who lived in Egypt.As a child, she underwent an unsuccessful operation on the eyes as a result of which she developed a squint.However, this did not prevent her age of eighteen to win the contest "Miss Egypt."After this victory, she starred in several films, then moved to Paris, there to become a prima donna of the French pop music.
Her first husband, the director of the radio station "Europe 1" Lucien Maurice was shot after failing to come to terms with their parting.Another first shot
Luigi Tenco, beloved Delilah, with whom they performed the song at the festival in San Remo and failed, without getting into the final.She could not bear the tragedy and took an overdose of barbiturates.Nearly four days in a coma, but doctors managed to save Delilah.Nine years she has lived with the artist Richard Shamfre, better known under the pseudonym of Count Saint-Germain.Two years after their parting Shamfre suffocated in his car from the exhaust gases.
All those years growing popularity of Dalida.Her songs took first place in the hit parades all over the world.In 1981, the "Olympia", the premiere of her play, which Delilah handed a diamond disc for 80 million dispersed over the world drive with her songs.
But personal tragedy constantly harassed star.At the beginning of her career, she made an unsuccessful abortion, Delilah forever deprived of motherhood.After the third death of her male press glued to her label - "black widow".She underwent two complex operations on the eyes, followed by a bright spotlight began to bring unbearable pain.Delilah had to drastically reduce performance on stage.
gradually developed permanent depression which led to the decision to withdraw from life.In the night from 2 to 3 May 1987 "Femme Fatale" whiskey washed down a lethal dose of sleeping pills.During the funeral to say goodbye to a legend come the whole of Paris.In the French capital, a monument of Delilah and her name was called Square.