value of wind instruments, both solo and orchestra of any type, is very high.According to experts of music, they connect together the sounds of strings and keyboards align sound, despite the fact that their technical and artistic qualities are not as prominent and attractive.With the development of new technologies and the use of new materials for the manufacture of wind instruments, the popularity of wood fell, but not enough to be completely excluded from use.In symphonic and folk orchestras and instrumental groups are widely used various pipes and tubes of wood, since their unique sound so that replace them is impossible.

Types woodwind

Clarinet - capable of produc
ing a wide range of sounds, from soft and warm tone.These unique tools provide the ability executor unlimited play with the melody.

flute - wind instrument with the highest sound.It is considered to be a unique tool in terms of technical capabilities in the performance of melodies, which gives it the right to the solo part in the music of any direction.

Oboe - a wooden instrument with a slightly sharp, nasal, but extraordinarily melodious voice.It is most often used in symphony orchestras, to play solos or fragments from the works of the classics.

Bassoon - bass wind instrument that produces only a low sound.Manage it and play on it much more difficult than other spirits, but, nevertheless, in a classical symphony orchestra use them for at least 3 or 4.

in folk orchestras use different pipes, zhaleyka, whistles and ocarinas made of wood.Their structure is not as complicated as that of symphonic instruments, the sound is not so diverse, but also much easier to manage.

Where are woodwinds

in contemporary music woodwind instruments are not as frequently as in the past centuries.Their popularity is unchanged only in symphony and chamber orchestras, as well as in folklore ensembles.In the performance of these genres of music, they often occupy a leading position, and that it is given to the solo part.Cases sounding wooden instruments in jazz and pop.But lovers of this art, unfortunately, is becoming smaller.

How and what do modern woodwinds

Modern Woodwinds only resemble their predecessors.They are made not only of wood, the air flow is not regulated by the fingers, and keys multilevel system of valves that make the sound is shorter or longer raise or lower its tone.
for the production of wind instruments used maple, pear, walnut or so-called black wood - ebony.Their porous timber, but resilient and strong, it will not burst during handling and does not crack during use.