Tip 1: How to become a singer

girls who want to become a singer, well aware - not perfectly modulated voice that dream will never come true.By nature, a pleasant voice - is very small.

Vocal need to persistently develop under the guidance of an experienced teacher, who will reveal all the possibilities to vote and help with the repertoire.Of course, for most of the way into the singer's career begins with the music school.For students of music schools mandatory reporting concerts, performances at city events - and it was there that practiced skills to the public.

But what about those who have not studied in music schools, but firmly convinced that his voice deserves to be heard all?We'll have to go through a thorny path.Record a demo version of the song - in a good studio, with professional oranzhirovki.And to try to send her the most famous producers.Or start a collaboration with music manager - without co-operation with him to start a career is almost impossible.A good manager has already established contacts, and he can promot

e his protégé in a good musical projects.

also with the development of television, new possibilities - a variety show, where you can come and gradually reveal their talent.Each year, opening up new projects aimed at finding new fresh voices.Therefore, you must keep track of all the news of the music business, trying to participate in all the available projects.

Another way - to gather like-minded talented musicians and create the group.By recording their demo discs, giving their all familiar to musicians who can show they are interested in people, you can dramatically improve your chances that a group of young talented notice.Here are just here requires a certain percentage of a stubborn and persistent, because these groups created a great deal.

become a singer - is difficult enough, but really, if a girl is to set realistic goals, and seeks to achieve them, with each new success rising a notch closer to the desired result - to know about it the whole country.Singer as a public person, should have the charisma, good looks and a voice that will not leave anyone indifferent of listeners.And the success to be achieved, more than compensates for all the difficulties that have to be overcome on the road to being a professional singer.

Tip 2: How to become a singer

Thousands of girls dream to start a singing career and to be famous.Some even have a very good talent, but do not know how to implement it.Become a singer is not as difficult as many think.To do this, you need to have at least basic skills of singing, as well as the strong commitment and motivation to succeed.
How to become a singer

Be firm and fight with fears

Among those who dream of becoming a singer, always a fierce competition.They want to win fans with their talent and become a celebrity.Get ready for the fight, given many years to hone your singing skills, they are engaged in low-paying gigs with a small number of spectators, but the only way to pave the way to this singer's career.Be patient, and always think about your goals, you have to work long-term.

Even performers held at times struggling with stage fright.Such a problem is likely, and will stand in front of you.If so, and you are constantly thinking whether to approve the audience your presentation, looking for a way to deal with this, try to increase your confidence.The best and most effective way to do this - as often as possible to sing in public.Sing with friends, sing on stage and remember that someone else's opinion should not bother you, your goal - that's all that should concern you.

Decide what you sing

Many aspiring singers do not sing their own songs, they are looking for compositions that can perform well.This is quite important becauseyour goal at the beginning did not show a beautiful song and beautiful voice and performance.Pick up 10-15 songs that you know well and sing, do them in his speeches.Try to balance your repertoire, do not let the fact that it consists only of the most popular songs or songs that are unknown.
to fully reveal themselves, pick a song, the performance of which requires an abrupt change in the tone of your voice and the tempo of singing.

Opportunities Internet

Beginners performers who do not have large financial resources to promote their own, often begin a career by posting their performances on the Internet.If you decide to go this route, remember that the Internet - it's the same audience, but anonymous.You can get a lot of rave reviews, but the negative reaction to your speech as possible.You can put the network is only good and high-quality recording that you are proud of yourself and your friends to enjoy.
post their entries as possible on the various video sharing and social networking.

Learn to accept criticism

No matter how well you sing, there will always be people who will not like your singing.You can not please everyone, even the stars of the scene have fans and haters.Learn to accept constructive criticism and dismiss the allegations, it will only help you hone your own talent.Never argue with those who challenge your talent, maybe they're just jealous of you.

Be improved

continues to improve his vocals all the time, do not stop there.Practice as often as possible, try to master new genres for themselves and manner of singing.All this will give you confidence and strengthen your talent.