richest Russian pop singers

Philip earned a Russian pop king.For over 25 years he generously admirers of his talent.However, recently it has become more time to pay his daughter Alla Vitoria, for which bought two luxury houses on the ruble and in Miami.Such gifts to the king in the cost of 17 million dollars.Media say that the annual income Kirkorov is about 8 million dollars.

Stas Mikhailov is famous as the most conceited and capricious singer among Russian artists.Accompanist just frown at the mention of his name, as for their performances at private parties Stas takes an amount that is 1.5 times greater than the one that asks for the same event Kirkorov.According to some of the same medi
a, the singer earned for the year of about $ 20 million. Unsurprisingly, for an apartment in Moscow, Stas Mikhailov gave 120 million rubles.

Despite the fact that their main stars receive fees from private corporate parties, Grigory Leps often prefer to speak with concert tours.The singer is a success, its wheels are selling well, and tour are planned for the next few years.Leps earns about $ 7 million a year.

Not least in terms of income takes Dima Bilan.Most of their income, according to him, he gets to shoot in advertising.In one of the advertising contract, he earned 500 thousand euros.For the year his income is about $ 5 million.

fees singers for one performance

Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva, Nikolay Baskov and Grigory Leps receive per his performance fees in the range of 30 to 55 thousand dollars.They entered the first line of the rating fee Russian artists TOP-100. One star performance lasts about 30-40 minutes.

second place ranking occupied by Valery Meladze, Iosif Kobzon, Christina Aguilera, Larisa Dolina and Valeria.Their revenue per performance is 27-32 thousand dollars.

The third group included the names of such artists as Irina Allegrova, Zhanna Friske, Ani Lorak, Anna Sedakov, Stas Peha and Julia Savicheva.

Some celebrities say that the stars - is not so rich.But, as is evident from their fees, it is not so.Yet one can not say that these artists do not deserve such earnings, because they are pleased with their magnificent voices of many people, their talent can only admire.Moreover, that to be a star - is, in fact, is not easy work.