Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) was a lot of life's difficulties on his way and was not looking for fame and recognition.The only thing that interested the famous Italian sculptor and painter - it is his work.They led a need to create images, which opened his mind and reflected his understanding of the nature of life in the amazing sculptures and frescoes.Despite the fact that Michelangelo was born in a noble family, his father being a graph, not engage in any activities other than the sale of tribal lands.Buonarroti's mother died early enough, and the child was left to himself.However, Michelangelo's talent was revealed at a young age.He studied drawing and gained experience in working with a painting from the famous artist of the time Ghirlan
daio.Master Buonarroti took to his students at no charge, when he saw his talent and determination.Later Buonarroti was in school artistic development to Lorenzo de 'Medici, and the sculpture became his life.In the life of Michelangelo were ups, but more downs.However, the great master with 19 years creating the world's masterpieces and tirelessly worked until the last moment of his life.With it rivaled Leonardo da Vinci, he was forced to build their pedestals popes, they admired him and plotting.Michelangelo created the unimaginable beauty of the fresco in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, he knocked the statue of David, portrayed the struggle of Hercules with the Centaurs.In his creative arsenal are many outstanding works that have for centuries admired worldwide.
Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765) created a well-equipped laboratory, which has done a lot of experiments and made great discoveries in physics, chemistry and astronomy.Lomonosov made a significant contribution in the order of the Russian literary language, expanding its membership in groups and certain genres.According to ASPushkin, he became "the first Russian university," and according to VGBelinsky University can be considered the "father of Russian literature."This talented scientist was born in a family of merchants, but made all its achievements and recognition due diligence studies, work and perseverance.
Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881) independently came to the realization that you need to be creative and literary works through contact to the human consciousness.His mother came from a merchant family, and his father worked as a doctor in a hospital for the poor.Their family lived in a wing of the hospital, and because the first impressions of Dostoevsky's childhood are associated with poverty and disease, as well as human suffering and death.Dostoevsky was educated military engineer, but realized that he had no desire to engage in military service.He devoted much time to educate themselves, and came to the conclusion that he wanted to dedicate his life to unraveling the mystery of the human soul and the nature of her actions.After graduating from college, Dostoevsky began to describe the fate of ordinary people in their literary works.Fame came to the author with his very first novel "Poor People", which was published in 1845.It was created by Dostoevsky worked for a year.After this work, he wrote a series of novels and dozens of novels.Issues raised by the author, relevant and topical the second century, and his work is appreciated throughout the world.