Tip 1: How to organize a photo exhibition

presentation of his work to other people - it is an exciting and responsible.Here beginners creators have the opportunity to discuss their work with the masters, to know the opinion unsophisticated public, intermediate results in his creative activity.All this is necessary in order to move on.
you need
  • internet money on printing photos.
find on the Internet via a search engine the maximum number of addresses and phone numbers of art galleries and any space for the presentation of art works.Rang all interests, whether at their premises to organize an exhibition.Find out which of the galleries can take your work for free.Well if you have a specific goal, for example, by the exhibition you want to present yourself as a professional photographer, and thus want to attract future customers.The people who provide accommodation, it is important to know your true intentions.The variant of the exhibition in a cafe, college, an orphanage creativity, etc.
Find a free room for the exhibition is not so difficult
do publicity events.Cr
eate a press release and send to local media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.).Advertise the exhibition forums and sites dedicated to photography.Involve as many people possible, through social networks, personal contacts, etc.
The more people come, the more chances you have to hear interesting comments to your job
Consider opening night.Even if you are not going to organize a "show" (calling musicians to read poetry, to say it), take care of lighting, sound design (pick music that is close in spirit to your work).
Get in touch with colleagues, find out about their experience of the first exhibition

Tip 2: How to organize an exhibition of flowers

Flower Show - an event that attracts the attention of not only professional florists, but ordinary viewers, admiring flowers.What to organize such an event, it is sufficient to adhere to simple rules.
How to organize an exhibition of flowers
Each exhibition, no matter whether it is dedicated to the color or not, have their own idea.Dedicate your exposure to any actual event, it is quite possible this will help bring it to the additional visitors.You definitely need helpers florists, who will take care during the exhibition of flowers and see to it that all the exhibits to look decent.
determine in advance whether you want to invite to the exhibition experts from other cities.If your answer - "yes" for three or four weeks before the opening of the press releases send this to all potential participants.Take care of the price list of the exhibition, to determine the price of the input kontramarok visitors.
Budget exhibitions may be large enough to cope with it and you will not do.That is why, think about additional sources of financing.They may be municipal authorities or offices involved in floristry.Do not do without the media sponsors, details of which will illuminate your show in the media.
Make room for your exposure.It is your regular palace of culture, but if the weather allows, it is better to move the show to the park or public garden.To do this in advance to discuss all the details with the administration of your city and get permission.Take care of the timely installation of the necessary equipment for the exhibition.
not hurt your exposure holding additional workshops and competitions for florists and visitors.It is better if the entrance to such events will be free, it will attract more visitors.To bail out the money you can, if you set a small snack bar for everyone (from the menu of this small cafe is better to exclude alcohol).
would be better if your show will run at the weekend so you can get the high attendance.It is not necessary to delay the holding of the exhibition up to 7 days or more, it is only one or two days, especially because some varieties of flowers may be damaged even in this short time.
Make entrance to the exhibition free of charge.Your task - to photograph saw more people to the exhibition has become the impetus for the next creative search.Paid entrance to the exhibition novice photographer can only irritate.
Helpful Hint
Please cultural institutions involved in the support of young photographers.They can help with the room and even printing photos in case your project has artistic value and not for commercial purposes.