The name of the unicorn was of the most characteristic of his ground - long horn, growing in the middle of the forehead.Initially, it was portrayed in the guise of a horse with a white trunk, dark-red head, a goatee beard, legs antelope and a lion's tail.According to some sources, the unicorn is endowed with elephant feet, and from his mouth stick tusks, which gave rise to assume that it was the prototype of a rhinoceros.

In ancient mythology the unicorn was a companion of the virgin goddesses, above all - Artemis (Diana).In the Middle Ages believed that the unicorn is tireless when it pursues the chase, but obediently lies at the feet of the Virgin.Catch this animal is almost impossible to keep it is possible only with the help of a golden bridle.His horn attributed medicinal properties.It was believed that it can be used to clear the

poisoned water serpent.Powder from it healed from fever, epilepsy and snake bite, and prolongs youth and prevents spoilage.

Charlatans made fortunes on trade magical horn, giving him rhino horn, narwhal and mammoth tusk.Trade flourished and cups made of horn, supposedly removes from food poison.In the Renaissance, the unicorn is often portrayed in the pharmacy signs.

From the Middle Ages to the present day unicorn, often portrayed in the guise of a beautiful silvery-white horse with a long helical horn in the middle of the forehead.Animal feeds wonderful honey and flowers of wild rose, and drink the morning dew.In addition, the unicorns are small forest lakes in which to swim and quench thirst.And the water from it only becomes clearer and finds healing properties.

image of the unicorn is often found in the works of art.Widely known medieval tapestry "The Virgin and the Unicorn", inspired by a picture which was written by Gustave Moreau "Unicorn".The theme of the Unicorn turned and recognized geniuses.Leonardo da Vinci, not doubting the reality of the unicorn, claimed that he was attracted to the Virgin is not chastity.After all, a major attraction for him is considered to be a nude maiden chest.Hieronymus Bosch's famous triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" painted several versions of the Unicorn, one of which, together with other animals, drinking water from the heavenly source.

lot of references to unicorns can be found in the literature.In the tale of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" unicorn and lion descended from the British coat of arms, fighting each other for the crown.In the fairy tale Pamela Travers' Mary Poppins in the Park "blue-eyed unicorn with three princes comes out of the" Silver Book of Fairy Tales "and almost becomes the victim of a professor, who has decided to make it a scarecrow for the Zoological Museum.In the play by Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie "glass unicorn became a symbol of loneliness and broken dreams fragile and no one else like a girl, Laura.