Tip 1: How to organize a beauty contest

The first Beauty contest occurred Sept. 19, 1888.Beauty contest - a colorful show, which brings together a beautiful and intelligent girl with great stride and good stage speech.You can organize themselves Beauty contest .
you need
  • -Ukrasheniya for the hall;
  • -Priglasheniya Offers;
  • -Clothes, accessories, cosmetics;
  • -Prizy gifts.
Rent and decorate the room in which the competition will be held .It is not necessary to decorate the balls can hang posters with different competition s beauty , put mannequins with trendy clothes.Connect your imagination!Just like in any other contest e need a jury of an odd number of people.It is desirable that the people in it were of different professions, different ages and sexes.For competition and participants are needed, so hang ads everywhere, distribute invitations.When all formalities are settled, go to the main part - the organization of the competition and beauty !
Home zadanieNapishite of homework in announc
ements and invitations that tell about the imminent competition e, because girls need to be armed.What could be homework? -Narisovat Own collection of clothes; -Hand-made; - Make a gift for Mom (small needle bar to stitch, knit a scarf, glue card, etc.).In this contest s not so much the ability to assess how much effort and love.Adults, too, the girls adore their mothers - this competition will show them my tenderness; -Film.Romance, comedy, thriller, historical - it's participants.Of course, the movie has to be interesting.(Limit the show, five minutes will suffice).
KonkursyZabeg on magazinamVozmite a large number of different clothes and accessories it can be pullovers, blouses, shirts, dresses, cardigans, shorts, skirts, pants, jeans, hats, caps, scarves, gloves, beltsbracelets.Hang all this splendor on hangers.Beauties before that divide into pairs, each other will have to dress and make up.Of course, the girls will have a sufficient number of cosmetics.First one another to dress up, then the participants switch roles.On each dressing allow for 10 minutes.The more interesting, fresh, hip, and maybe even more fun will look beauty, the higher they will score, Race heels Yes, without classics in such an important matter as the Beauty contest not do.Young ladies stocking heels, and you'll save a stopwatch.And, of course, the stadium you will also be very useful, Creative zadanieChelovek should be beautiful not only outside but inside.Subject competition and may be any, such as "How I spent 1,000,000 rubles."The creative task disclosed shower participating, the main thing that competition held for fifteen minutes, and the ladies in advance about it does not say.Therefore, most likely, you will hear the true thoughts of girls; -Viktorina There beauties will work with their minds.Just as in an ordinary quiz, questions, answers, tips options (4 possible answers, prompted experts, etc.).
Gifts, prizes, pooschreniyaPodschitayte points from participating.Turn Vox or make the audience award.Optionally, select the queen beauty , you can simply reward the girls in different categories, such as "most charming", "The most resourceful," "prettiest" "The most smiling," but at least the incentive prizes should be awarded to all, competition simply must bring to all a good mood! As a gift, choose flowers, perfumes, cosmetics, interesting books.Good luck!

Tip 2: How to organize the competition

to hold any event have fun, be it a wedding, anniversary or corporate party, we need games and competitions.But not only pick up the necessary fun, you should still be able to organize the competition clearly wondering incendiary.
How to organize the competition
Make your choice contest.For young people, those aged children.An example of a generic competition is "confusion."This interesting competition is suitable for children's parties and corporate events.
Explain the rules.You need to create a chain, start the momentum and get it back to the first player.To organize a competition, you must be a sufficient number of people.The more participants in this contest will be the more interesting.
Choose one person to be at the end of the game was able to unravel the chain.Suppose he observes, calculates options how to untangle the chain.
Put the rest of the people in a circle so that the hands are pulled forward and grappled with the hands of others.You can simply ask to join hands in a circle.In this case, the game will be a little easier.If you play with the kids - start with this option.
sure that every hand was engaged with the arms of different people, or quickly closes the circuit and the contest will fail.
Send impulse, that is the first player to shake hands.He should shake hands with someone who is engaged with them, this impulse is passed on.At the end of the impulse must come back again to the first player.
complicate the task."Confuse" the chain so that the hands were bound, wrapped in an interesting way, passed under his feet, woven into a tight embrace.
Start pulse again.Watch grimaces participants and humorous comment on their actions, ask in a position to dance the dance.
asked to choose a player to unravel the chain.If he can not cope, ask the players themselves unravel.In this case, wins the competition is the player who has ably led the participants.
results of the competition, reward the winner (s).
Helpful Hint
contract with the owner of trade brands and provide clothing brands (see step 3).Participants will be nice to dress up in "branded" clothes and brand owners will conduct an advertising campaign.
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