Soprano.This is a high female voice.Its range covers the entire first and second octave.This kind of voice is the most common.Most of the main vocals are written for him.The main roles in the plays of holders receive strong soprano.According to Russian classification, there are also sub-species of the vote.

dramatic soprano called heavy and dense timbre of the voice.Throughout the range it sounds rich and dense.Owners of such voices easier to take notes in a downbeat than in the weak.

lyric-dramatic soprano has a more gentle tone.A lyrical oboe is often compared to his sincerity.

coloratura soprano - the highest subspecies.Girls with a voice able to execute trills, perform jumps to go in whistle register.But the middle notes are given them much harder.
Mezzo-Soprano.Average voice to women.Women with vocals choo
se the role of strong-willed heroines middle-aged.A prime example of this can serve as Habanera from "Carmen".
Contralto.This kind of women's voices lowest.At the same time he is the most rare.Opera houses can not always boast of having alto singers.Individualism performers such as forcing them to fulfill the role of young men in the famous productions.
Tenor.This type of male voice is remarkable for its height and purity.Countertenor much rarer standing out unnaturally ringing sound and the ability to master the art of falsetto.For example, Freddie Mercury was naturally a baritone, but always played tenor and access to the upper octave.
Baritone.Middle voice in men.Thick and velvety baritone voice created for the execution party these men full of love for a woman or a home.Cashmere sound nice hearing and appreciated by critics with the right skill they possess.
Bass.A low male voice.Like the female contralto, bass, too, is the rarest.Professionals in the art of opera with this type of voice is actually a bit.Bass may be booming and buzzing, or hard.There are still bass profundo, the lowest voice.Its holders can easily take notes kontroktavy.