Work through your way in advance, start with the exterior.Do not panic, make out with all the impartiality of the mirror and check all the advantages and disadvantages of your body.
Remember that fashion designers share several types figur.Uzkie shoulders, wide hips: for these figures fit outfits with lush top and overpriced taliey.Shirokie shoulders, narrow hips: here, on the contrary, is visuallyincrease the bottom, bare plechi.Odinakovye the width of the hips and shoulders, softly pronounced waist: these proportions require
outfits straight cut, harmonious colors and fasonu.Mechta all women - a figure of "hourglass", thin waist, hips and shoulders are proportional: forthis figure must be selected along with accentuated waistline.
Now think, for some cases, you choose the outfit.It can be an everyday working suit or elegant dress for a company party or a romantic dress for dates.Of course, best of all, experts say, choose sets that will complement or substitute each other.For example, pants, blouse, skirt, jacket.By combining and changing them, you can get a large number of interesting options of clothing.
Think about the color.This is important.Even if you are blue or green, it is not necessary to choose all the clothes in the same colors.You would be very boring.Vivid details of your outfits look to attract men.
footwear and accessories.Long gone are the days when her purse was adjusted to match to the shoes.Bracelets and pendants, brooches and scarves interesting complement the outfit, create a style.A properly chosen shoes visually lengthen legs, make a figure slimmer.
makeup and hairstyle.Makeup, like hair, can complement the created image and can damage it.In addition, a skilled make-up will also help to hide imperfections and imbalances of your face.Makeup should match your chosen along and color, and style.
selecting the image, go yourself.Of course, we are not talking about what you minutely change the demeanor and become a princess, if you are not, but you have a clear idea in any frame of behavior puts you in a situation and your chosen style.Think about how you'll say hello, goodbye, what topics would be appropriate to talk about.Be yourself, do not lose naturalness, but follows.