classical dance

These styles were invented and developed several centuries ago.During its development, they have got clear rules and canons.Usually, the choreography of the classical ballet have in mind.This style of dance is quite complicated, professional ballet art ownership is necessary to deal with since childhood.Ballet has clearly defined rules: regulated steps and movements, the position of the body, figure, posture, music and costumes.
ballet is divided into classical, romantic and modern.

The classic also include ballroom dancing.They are divided into two types - the European and Latin American.For the European program is a waltz, tango, foxtrot and quickstep;in Latin American include samba, rumba, jive, cha-cha-cha, paso doble.Learning ba
llroom dancing is possible at any age, but these styles also have clearly defined rules.

Folk Dances

These varieties were invented in different countries, but gained popularity around the world.The most famous folk dance is belly dance, belly dance or oriental dance.Passion for the East began in the last century and is still popular.Bellydance dance in specialized schools and fitness clubs.Basic movements are quite simple and natural, but to master all the elements of oriental dance requires good coordination and plastic.

Another popular style is flamenco.Dance Passion performed at many parties and corporate parties - it is a very dynamic and spectacle.In recent years, experiencing a rebirth and Russian folk dance.This is largely due to the emergence of young artists who specialize in songs in folk style.There is also a folk dances include less popular now views - Quadrille, cancan, the mambo, Gypsy and Indian dances.
Folk dances are more open to innovation, but artists must be dressed in folk costumes.

Modern Dance

These types include both appeared in the last century, jazz, modern and rock and roll, and a modern club dancing - tectonics, hip-hop, dubstep, go-go and. In these species much attention is paid to improvisation.Although there are movements that are typical for a particular type of dance more valued those dancers who are able to contribute their changes to the existing elements.

Modern dance is still evolving, there are new types and elements.The study of modern dance possible at any age, but in most cases require a good physical preparation.