Cyril who hails from Zelenograd, he was born in 1984.The young man began to pay attention to the graffiti in 1996, but then tried to develop his own style.Cyril doing street art in the "Why?" (2002-2009), and No Future Forever (2005-2009).He also organized and participated in projects that promote street art, GoVEGAs (2003), "Gopstop" (2004), Original Fake (2005) and "Winery" (2006).Who travels to cities in Russia, where the lectures, which talks about his vision of the world.

He consciously joins the group of street artists, preferring an independent life "lone wolf."But Kirill explores this Wednesday, its trends and directions.Sometimes he even
publicly criticizes the subculture of graffiti on legal grounds and on the streets.His famous projects: No name no fame no shame (2009), "No one can call" (2010), "A lot of bukof" (2010), "Saints empty space" (2011), "The Wall".

Cyril who reminds people that not everything that is written or pasted on the wall is an advertisement.He believes that as long as society and the media recognized the existence of street culture, graffiti became faceless "poppy" specimens of fashion drawings.Gone was the conversation with society, there is no dialogue.Kirill said that graffiti should bear the idea, meaning initiatives.Not to shock passers-by, because fear and terror enough in real life, namely, to pay attention to problems of the city, which combined forces can be solved.

Society for the most part indifferent to the existence of homeless people next to him, to what is happening in the world and politics.Street artists weekend wariors, that in Moscow there are about five thousand young and do not invest in their art no ideas.Moreover, their sponsoring companies producing paint in aerosol cans.Hangout street art began to take control, so to stand out there was very difficult.Cyril who goes his own way.

who has no art education.He believes his stagnant, steeped in the dogmas of the past, cut off from reality.Cyril works on the street and in the workshop, where there is often someone spends the night, everything is moving and changing.The young man has his corner-apartment, before he considered his home outside, but is now grown up, and recognizes the need for a person of their own homes.