you need
  • sharp knife, hot water, cold water, flowers, green leaves
Take an odd number of flowers with stems of different lengths to the bouquet look more natural.The base of the bouquet is assembled from large flowers of bright colors.The edges of its frame smaller, pale plants.Good looks and a combination of blossoming flowers and buds.
Choosing the right colors bouquet largely determines its beauty.Harmonious look bouquets of blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple colors.If the combination of flowers in the bouquet seems to you not entirely successful, add the white flowers.They would smooth a bad contrast.
In drawing monochromatic bouquet of flowers is better to use with the co
lor of varying intensity.For example, pink, red, burgundy in one bouquet.It should be remembered that not all colors are compatible with each other.For example, roses and carnations are very capricious and can not tolerate the neighborhood of other colors.Lilies of the valley, lilies and daffodils, on the contrary, feel good in bouquets, but because of them fades most other colors.
undesirable to combine in a single bouquet of more than three different shades.But one can safely add a bouquet of flowers of different types, sizes, shapes.For example, assuming a properly sized color combinations look great together with needle flowers, terry, smooth head.
Nor should combine wild flowers with orchids, antiriumom.It is best bouquet of wildflowers looks alone, only decorated with green leaves.Generally, green freshness give any bouquet.Then it is impossible to overdo it.So feel free to experiment with the traditional "Christmas tree", sprigs of fern and other greens.