revolution in culture and outlook

After the Civil War of 1861-1865 in the United States, a period of industrial development.Cities grew in the eyes, the price of land gave rise to an increase in the height of buildings, and to the end of the century there were the first skyscrapers in New York and Chicago.If in the first half of the century at the writers, artists and composers often were not enough funds to fully engage in the arts, then the second half of the 19th century g
ave them a chance to realize their ideas.

how to develop the art of politics as opposed

in American painting originated salon-academic direction, which is indicative of the rise of the bourgeoisie in America.

very popular genre was the landscape painting, especially landscape of the Hudson River.Artists try to pass the national wealth of the American nature in their work and contribute to the future of art.Emotional landscapes M. Hyde "Approaching Storm" and F. Lane "in the Gulf of Maine" can still be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts.Thanks to the democratic movement emerging genre painting, which has received special attention in the life of the American villages.Mount William in his famous paintings "Catching eels in Setauket" and "Banjo Player in the" show compassion and respect for African Americans and residents of villages.

National graphics and sculpture at the end of the nineteenth century, is also seeking to develop.Thomas Nast cartoons depicts the first time in the Democratic and Republican leaders in the party as a donkey and an elephant.In many American cities, there are monuments in a realistic style.Most popular is presented in Chicago Lincoln Memorial and the statue of General Sherman, who created the sculptor Saint-Gaudens.

Theater in America in the nineteenth century was in its infancy, as many considered him dangerous spectacle, which generates corruption.Nevertheless, in the southern part of the country's professional performance troupes enjoyed success.

book - compact and affordable means of acculturation.At the end of the century it could easily get not only literary masterpieces and newspapers, but also practical guidance on various aspects of life.Special attention was honored as teaching activities.

US culture for centuries formed under the influence of other European countries, but in spite of the mixture of cultures of different peoples, it has not lost its identity.