Usually the decision to install the monuments made by the Council of Deputies.Sometimes the problem is solved in the internal voting, and sometimes imposed on everyone.Residents of the city can offer a vote for their favorite sculpture, choosing from several options proposed, or to express their opinions about where the monument should stand.
Love the city authorities to decorate the streets and parks of sculptures that are graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions of art created as their diploma projects.If you study in such an institution, you can agree to a monument that you make, brought to you not only appreciated, but also served as a city.
often competitions among architects.Those offering their work, which can beautify the city, an
d strict jury evaluates and selects the participants of the monument which will be worthy to decorate the city streets.If you have a talent for sculpture, take part in the competition, then your work will adorn his native city.
If you think that it is necessary to erect a monument to honor the memory of the famous people who live in your city, or mark the historic event, you can write a letter to the Board of Deputies requested the installation of a sculpture.If you find like-minded people who agree to support your initiative - excellent.The more signatures to the letter, the better your chance of being heard.
to his letter attach documents confirming that this event took place to be, or what people really lived in your town.A detailed explanation of why you believe that the person behind you radeete, war or conclude a contract worthy of being immortalized.Attach a sketch of the monument, if you are, and send a letter.If your initiative support members, the project realized.