Initially considered the creator of the Venus de Milo, Praxiteles, the first type of carved sculpture "Venus bashful."However, the wizard lived in the IV century BC, and a number of features, such as an elongated body and turned small breasts, is characteristic of the later period - the end of II, the beginning of the I century BCPersonality sculpture for sure has not been elucidated, but is considered to be the author of Milo Goddess Alexandros (Agesandra) Antioch.This is the name indicated on the pedestal of the statue, lost later.

Hidden sculpture and an avid farmer

Once accidental discovery of a peasant from the Greek island of Milos was the statue of the goddess.According
to researchers it is held captive land about 2 millennia, it was clear, in order to prevent the destruction of statues, it is securely hidden from danger.

Similar security measures after 50 years had to be repeated.In 1870, the Venus de Milo once again imprisoned in an underground captivity - the cellar of the police building in Paris.Approaching the capital of the Germans forced to go to such measures as soon prefecture police burned down, and the statue, thanks to the vigilance of workers of art, remained intact.

But before that, she stayed long enough in a pen for goats, where she hid the Greek peasant, craving benefit.It was here that the ancient goddess noticed the officer of the French army - Jules Dumont d'Urville.As a person having education, he could not help but appreciate the masterpiece that clearly retained its original appearance almost completely.The Frenchman admitted without doubt the goddess of love and beauty.On top of that, there are many references to the fact that in the hands of Venus was the apple of Paris. volumes Milo Goddess almost fit the parameters of modern beauty 90-60-90.Forms statue 86-69-93 with growth of 164 cm.

For his discovery farmer demanded unrealistic amount that the officer was not.However, with the help of diplomacy and persuasion, Jules Dumont d'Urville has agreed to not sell the sculpture to anyone until he gets back with the money.Explaining the value of a genuine masterpiece consul in Constantinople, the officer made him help in the acquisition of the sculpture for the Museum of France.

Marine battle for the Venus de Milo

With good news Jules Dumont d'Urville rushed to Milos, but then disappointment awaited him.The greedy farmer had sold the statue to the Turks, the deal was made, and ancient works was packed.However, all the entreaties Dumont complete with exorbitant amount did the trick.Packaged statue secretly was overloaded on a French ship.

Turks discovered the loss and agreed to just give up valuable find.As a result, there was a small battle between the French and the Turkish boat for the right to have a statue of the goddess.Many believe that it is in this confrontation have been lost arms of Venus.Until now, their location is not known. annually come to the Louvre more than 6 million people who want to see the armless goddess.Moreover, 20% of this number does not visit other rooms, and exposure.

Pearl Louvre

Aphrodite of Milo still remained in the hands of the French.In 1821, the sculpture was defined by the French ambassador to the Louvre.Now Venus is one of the main exhibits of the museum and is located in a separate room.Despite shcherbinki and the lack of hands, the ancient goddess appears before visitors of the Louvre a true ideal of beauty.