Van Gogh admired the French artist Paul Gauguin.Vincent, finding the perfect place invited Gauguin to co-creation.And in 1888 in Arles in southern France for nine weeks he was able to work closely with him, so t
hat Vincent was immensely pleased.They exchanged paintings and inspiration.So, waiting for the arrival of Gauguin in the Yellow House, Van Gogh decided to bring him joy, and decorate the house.It was a picture of a yellow sunflower.Two of them he put in the bedroom for Gauguin.
"Cafe Terrace at Night" was written in September 1888 and also owns a number of well-known.It was the first in a series of paintings of the night star sky.His brother Wang Gogh wrote: "The night is much more alive and richer colors than a day."When writing this magical paintings he did not use a single gram of black paint.Vincent managed to convey a "dark blanket" covering the city and illuminated by starlight boulevard with all the depth.
painting "Night Cafe" is rich in bright colors, but sometimes it seems that Van Gogh wanted to convey the situation "through the eyes of a drunk."Light bulbs and faces slightly blurred.Furnishings appropriate.Some of the clients of an institution already lay down on tables, everywhere is a large amount of alcohol.The colors are chosen not by chance.Green - the color of loneliness and inner emptiness, and red - anxiety and worry.It is a glass of alcohol at the time of the cafe get rid of all the bad things that they are worried.
painting "Blossoming almond trees" full of tenderness.It was written in 1980, and the occasion was the birth of the son of his beloved brother Theo.The picture he presented as a gift to spouses.The inspiration began blossoming as a once in a while, the almond trees.Feelings "notes" of the east.This is not surprising, because in that period of appliances in the Japanese style was in vogue.
Painting "Walk prisoners" was written in a heavy period for Van Gogh, in the hospital of San Remy.Imprisonment move doomed to each other, forming a full circle, which means only one thing - frustration.Although used bright colors, the painting evokes the darkness.It fully conveys the state of mind of Van Gogh.
picture "Field of grain in anticipation of Rain" was written in 1890, a few weeks before the suicide.It reflects the depressed state of depression, sadness, grief and loneliness.In letters to Van Gogh wrote to his brother, he saw the image of death in the field with ears.Mankind he imagined rye, which after maturation are cut and removed from the field.The painting cleaner rye no, that is, people were waiting for their last minute.The first time Vincent wanted to kill himself in the field, but the gun misfired.