Although a love story of Romeo and Juliet, composers and musicians began to turn in the 18th century, the first famous work based on Shakespeare's tragedy was written in 1830.They became an opera by Vincenzo Bellini "Montagues and Capulets".It is not surprising that the Italian composer attracted story takes place in Verona, Italy.However, a few Bellini walked away from the plot of the play: he dies at the hands of Romeo Juliet's brother, and Tybalt, named Opera Tybalt is not a relative, and the groom a girl.Interestingly, he Bellini at the time was in love with opera diva Giuditta Grisi and wrote for her gorgeous mezzo-soprano game Romeo.
In the same year, one of the performances of the opera visited a rebel and a romantic French Hector Berlioz.How
ever, the quiet sound of the music of Bellini made him a profound disappointment.In 1839 he wrote his "Romeo and Juliet" - a dramatic symphony in the words of Emile Deschamps.In the 20th century, the music of Berlioz was put a lot of ballet performances.The most famous was the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" with choreography by Maurice Bejart.
In 1867 was created the famous opera "Romeo and Juliet" by French composer Charles Gounod.Although this work is often ironically referred to as "continuous love duet," it is considered the second best operatic version of Shakespeare's tragedy, and to this day it is at the opera houses in the world.
among the few listeners who Gounod did not cause much excitement, appeared Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.In 1869 he wrote his work on Shakespeare's plot, it became Overture-Fantasia 'Romeo and Juliet. "The tragedy captured the composer so that at the end of his life he planned to write an opera for her anymore, but, unfortunately, did not have time to carry out his grand plan.In 1942, a prominent choreographer Serge Lifar staged the ballet to music by Tchaikovsky.
However, the most famous ballet based on the story of "Romeo and Juliet" was written in 1932 by Sergei Prokofiev.His music initially appeared to many "netantsevalnoy", but eventually Prokofiev managed to prove the viability of his work.Since then, ballet has won huge popularity and, to this day, does not leave the scene of the best theaters in the world.
September 26, 1957 on the stage of a Broadway theater premiere of Leonard Bernstein's musical "West Side Story."Its action takes place in contemporary New York City, and the happiness of the heroes - "Native American" Tony and Maria Puerto Ricans ruining racial hatred.Nevertheless, all of the musical plot moves very faithfully replicate the content of Shakespeare's tragedy.
original musical hallmark of "Romeo and Juliet" in the 20th century was the music of the Italian composer Nino Rota, written to filmed in 1968 film by Franco Zeffirelli.That this film inspired by contemporary French composer GĂ©rard Presgurvic to create gained enormous popularity of the musical "Romeo and Juliet", which is well known in the Russian version.