They impose a certain human condition, which is either in harmony with his present condition or completely contradicts it.In this first embodiment is characterized by the emergence of a sense of inner joy and emotional recovery.Most strongly be influenced music by women.This fact is due to the fact that women's nature is very dynamic and easily changed by external influences.At the same time all the reactions are carried out at the subconscious level, and is fully controlled by the human mind.In the case of the state of disharmony between man and music, it may be irritation or other emotional impulses that cause a person to stop listening to a particular song.Such behavior is called a protective reaction of the organism.

appearance of this reaction may provoke some quite understandable reasons.

established that sounds

, including music, are longitudinal waves.And as each wave, they have a value of measurement.Therefore, even the slightest change in the sound level can cause redistribution of primary matter, filling space.Maximum impact is subject to the astral body is the essence of man, this is accompanied by additional saturation of the primary matter called F and G, which is further manifested in the emotional response to music in the music.Moreover, music influences people differently, it all depends on the frequency and the frequency (rate) at which the sounds are repeated.Low-frequency sounds cause excessive saturation of the essence of man, manifested in increased aggressiveness and sexuality.Therefore, the low voice of a man, as a rule, for many women, is associated with male sexual way.Such a man's voice can have an impact on the sexual woman, prompting her to romantic intimacy with the opposite sex, and causing strong sexual attraction.