origin of Russian symbolism

Russian Symbolists first announced itself in 1904 in Saratov, where there was an exhibition "Scarlet Rose.""Scarlet Rose" was called and a group of associates, who organized this exhibition then, and invited her as a guest of Mikhail Vrubel and Viktor Borisov-Muskatova.Both the above artist were outstanding representatives of Russian Symbolism in painting.It is noteworthy that rose, appearing in the title of this group, it was chosen as a symbol of the representatives of the integrity and purity.

purpose of symbolism

Among the representatives of symbolism, who worked in Germany, America, France, Belgium, Norway, the Russian is rightly recognized by the bright and outstanding.A distinctive feature of symbolism as the picturesque genre is on Extending the forefront of the world are not material, both
in realism and spiritual, ideological.However, this does not mean that these two worlds are opposed to each other in the symbolism.On the contrary, Symbolist artists aim to connect these two worlds together, to hold an invisible bridge between them, establish contact.That Russian Symbolists, as many have come close to this goal like no other.Despite the fact that realism as the picturesque genre presented as the antithesis of symbolism, though, and realism, and impressionism is always going somewhere close to the symbolism.Symbolists drew even when creating works in realism and in any case it is not denied.

Features Russian symbolism

As a whole symbolism, symbolist works of Russian is distinguished from other images of paintings led not everyday, but mysterious and even divine.This divine can find a way out in the experiences of the character pattern, and can be expressed in natural phenomena, as well as in the nature.It is well looked through in the most outstanding work of Russian artists of symbolism - "Seated Demon," whose author - Mikhail Vrubel.Differences in the creation of property of Russian symbolism and Valentin Serov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Nesterov.These artists are mainly focused on the topic of human personality, which has no divine origin, while at the same time, his inner feelings create the impression of a certain hill, and detachment from the material world.All of them brought the Russian spirit in this genre of painting as symbolism, and, of course, made a special contribution to the development of symbolism as scenic areas.