Grigory Leps - popular Russian singer, performed the works of various genres, including "chanson".The most widely known to the public his song "Natalie", "glass of vodka on the table" and some others that are loved by the Russian public.

Origin singer

However, few know that Grigory Leps is not Russian by nationality.He - one of the few representatives of the singers of Georgian origin in the Russian scene.Both of his parents, his father - Victor A. Lepsveridze and mother - Natella Semenovna, were from Georgia, but the singer was born already in Russia, in Sochi, July 16, 1962.The parents called the boy Grisha: thus, the real name of the singer - Gregory V. Lepsveridze.


From these facts it is clear the origin of the nickname of the singer: it is an abbreviation of his real name Lepsveridze
that pop stars seemed too long.One version of the occurrence of an alias claims that its roots lie in the childhood of the singer.At 14 he became a student of musical school, choosing as specialized percussion instruments.Having mastered the necessary skills, he later began to apply them in practice, playing in a variety of musical groups.In one of their comrades in the ensemble, and he came up with the nickname "Lepse", which was a resounding and memorable way to mark beginning musician.That is the conclusion then come himself, choosing a nickname that is already planned to use in his solo career.

Further developments showed that his choice was absolutely correct.Today, even people far from the modern Russian pop music, at least once heard his abbreviated name, acts as an alias, and remember this fact because it is concise, vivid and memorable.And his songs are now familiar to almost every resident of Russia and many of our compatriots living abroad.

However, we should admit that he owes this is not only successfully chosen name, but also well-chosen repertoire, and remembers timbre of the voice.One proof of his popularity outside of our country is an active touring activity of the actor, during which he has traveled much of the world.Leps This is not only a performer, but also the author of some of his works.In addition, his discography includes several soundtracks for the famous Russian films.