Secrets cut ear Van Gogh

There are many versions why Vah Gogh cut off his ear, but the true reason he only knew.Perhaps the answer is known to his descendants, who still kept in complete secrecy personal letters and documents Vincent.

version №1.Van Gogh was a genius, whose work is not receiving all.Some loved it, others hated.And, ironically, the man who so admired Vincent, his paintings are not perceived and spoke about them negatively.It was Paul Gauguin.Once Van Gogh invited Paul to his Arles.Being financially dependent on the family Vincent, Gauguin accepted the invitation. Unfortunately, the real reason for such behavior is hardly anyone knows, but the illness Van Gogh - apparently epileptic psychosis - there is clearly played a major role.

After a while, constantly being together, they began to more conflict.And one evening, Van Gogh broke and stole up to Gauguin with a razor, wanting to kill him, but he saw his and prevented the attempt.That night Van Gogh cut off his ear lobe.What for?Perhaps because of the pangs of conscience.Historians believe this version is extremely illogical and makes the following alleged course of events.

version №2.On that ill-fated night between Van Gogh and Gauguin actually took place a quarrel, it came to a fight with swords, and Paul accidentally cut off his left ear lobe opponent.

version №3.While Van Gogh shaved, his mind clouded, and he is in a fit mental attack he cut off his ear piece.

version №4.This assumption asserts that the reason of a nervous breakdown began marrying his brother, from whom Van Gogh greatly depended.It is possible that in this way the artist expressed his frustration about this.

version №5.These effects could result in the action of psychotropic drugs, including absinthe.Perhaps being in an altered state of consciousness, the artist wanted to see if he could feel the pain.

Van Gogh Syndrome

In 1966, on the basis of the incident after the talented madman named psychic syndrome.This syndrome manifests itself when a person makes himself a surgery, or ask others about it. Syndrome Van Gogh most possible schizophrenia, BDD, Dismorphomania.

huge number of versions is disconcerting, but, nevertheless, thanks to the legend, the syndrome has acquired the right to exist.

In any case, no matter what version you're not considered a fiction, and what - the truth, cut off the ear has become a part of history is inextricably linked with one of the most emotional and unpredictable post-impressionist painters of the 19th century.