Tip 1: How to organize an exhibition of the artist

exhibition of the artist - it is an opportunity to show their new works to find new fans and admirers, as well as potential buyers of products.For the exhibition will have to solve many organizational issues, which are far removed from the people of art, so to do this should be like-minded, close people or friends.
you need
  • - written notice of the administration;
  • - approval;
  • - room rental;
  • - exhibition stands.
If aspiring artist is a regional alliance of artists, organizational issues of the exhibition will be engaged in the administration of the union.Young talents exhibit their works in the joint exhibition, to hold that attract sponsors.
Administration of the Union of Artists Exhibition Hall leases in which the event takes place within 1-2 months written notice to the district administration and receives permission to hold the exhibition.
Visitors can not only see the products, but if you want to buy them, since all the exhibits sold at a bargain price.
conduct individual exhibition is much more complicated.You will have to take on not only organizational issues, but also to have sufficient funds to rent premises, purchase or lease of exhibition stands, where you put all the work and carry out an extensive advertising campaign to look at the exhibits it is the maximum number of visitors.
All costs you can assign to the sponsors, the advertising of which will accompany your exhibition.You can also bring commercial catering, which will sell their products in the cupboard.
Rent a spacious room.The most successful exhibition held in the center of a town or place, because few will want to go to the outskirts to get acquainted with the work of an unknown artist.
At the opening of the exhibition will invite media representatives, who will conduct a short survey with subsequent display on the local news.This will be the most successful publicity for the young artist.
As an artist becomes popular in the circles of art lovers, you do not have to worry about how to hold an exhibition.Sponsors will make suggestions, and you will decide to accept or refuse the exhibition.

Tip 2: As the Heritage Days Belgians

in September as part of the "European Heritage Days" residents and guests of the fifty European countries have the opportunity to visit cultural sites, on ordinary days are inaccessible to the public.In Belgium, the events of the program are distributed across the three regions of the country: Brussels, Flemish and Walloon.
As the Belgian Heritage Days

European Heritage Days is a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, which takes place in countries that have acceded to the European Cultural Convention.The beginning of this event was initiated in 1984 in France, and the following year there was an idea to make the project international.As part of this campaign in September weekends are held open days to enable the general public to get acquainted with the historical and cultural monuments, which are now closed for the rest of the visit.Museums, the exhibition which are available for inspection during normal days, participate in the event by organizing thematic tours, exhibitions and lectures.According to the organizers shares held under the motto "Europe: a common heritage" Heritage Days show how the richness and diversity of European culture and the need for careful attitude to its monuments.

since 1990 in all regions of Belgium are the events in the framework of European Heritage Days.Each year the organizers choose a new theme, which will be dedicated to the event.The Brussels-Capital Region Heritage Days take place in the third weekend of September.Ideas, combining developments in the pan-European stock, usually associated in this area of ​​Belgium with the construction, architectural and landscaping styles and trends in art.In 2012 the visitors and residents of Brussels have the opportunity to visit the facilities during the construction were used innovative engineering solutions.The list of buildings includes fortifications, exhibition centers, churches, bridges and office buildings.

In the Walloon region, which unites the southern provinces of Belgium, Heritage Days take place in the second weekend of September.The theme of the event in 2012 became well-known personalities whose names are associated with Wallonia: artists, scientists, athletes and musicians.Themed guided tours and lectures organized by the project were held in places associated with the life and work of the Belgian artist Rene Margitta and inventor Zenobia Gramm, participants visited a building erected by one of the founders of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta.

Heritage Days taking place in the second weekend of September in the northern provinces of Belgium in 2012 were devoted to the subject of art.Program participants had the opportunity to visit places that have inspired artists and musicians open the doors of the studios, private libraries and lounges, to see inside the building of the old theaters and cinemas, converted under the other objectives.

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