Gaius Maecenas

rich and noble Roman Gaius Maecenas was a close friend and adviser of the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus.Through the influence of Maecenas in Rome came the golden age of art and literature in Rome.Patron patron of Virgil, Horace, and other prominent poets and artists of his time.

For 6 centuries before the birth of the Patron ancient Greek Samos rules cruel tyrant Polycrates, who did much for science and the arts.Dishonest and cruel Gielon, who ruled Syracuse in the V century BC, patronized poets and sculptors.So Maecenas was not the first patron of the arts, but it is a household name.


celebrated tradition of patronage of the Medici family of Florentine aristocrats.Its representatives actively patronized artists, poets and musicians of the Renaissance and promote cultural values ​​in
the neighboring states.

Lucrezia Borgia, a worthy representative of her terrifying family, is widely patronized the people of art in Salerno and was sung by famous poets and artists of his time for the beauty, subtle mind and a good heart.

Venice patrons of art were the representatives of a rich and noble family Cornaro, who built palaces and temples, ordered the canvases and statues lavishly good to artists and writers.

Russian patrons

One of the most famous Russian patrons became Pavel Tretyakov, who comes from a merchant family, a wealthy businessman and founder of the Tretyakov Gallery.In the middle of the XIX century, Pavel began to collect paintings by Russian artists from their original purpose to give the city, and in 1874 built a gallery for storage.After 20 years, a gallery with the paintings were donated to the Moscow Tretyakov appointed as trustee of her life.

Pavel was married to a cousin of another famous Russian philanthropist - Savva Mamontov.He invested a lot of money into the theater, generously helping artists and musicians and was very respected and artistic circles, among intellectuals and merchants.

huge help Moscow Art Theatre has provided a rich and successful businessman Savva Timofeyevich Morozov, intelligent, educated man leading a European view.With love and admiration we remembered it Gorky and KSStanislavsky.

From modern patrons can remember about MSRostropovich and GPVishnevskaya, sponsors school-Lyceum.Gorchakov;the famous conductor Vladimir Spivakov founded the Moscow International House of Music and the fund to support young musicians;founder of the company "VimpelCom" DBZimin, who founded the literary award "Illuminator," encourages writers of popular science literature.