original genre of the content is not similar to another classic.It contains a number showing the possibilities of the human body.Most often, original genre artists perform in a circus or a special show.It acrobats, jugglers, clowns, jugglers, impersonators, trapeze artists, animal trainers.They can cause people to emotions such as joy, pleasure, delight, fear, etc.

original genre is recognized by the public.The rooms of the genre beyond the borders of all the familiar and bored, bring novelty, holiday atmosphere and general fun. For years, original genre artists are in demand in all kinds of public and private events: corporate parties, weddings, children's parties, concerts, outdoor parties, etc.Today, ther
e are agencies and websites where the customer can choose the artist for their holiday.Especially in demand numbers with the animals, jugglers and representatives of contemporary performing arts.


animals Animals are very loving public.Trained animals to admire and touches the audience.Therefore, rooms with four-legged included in the compulsory program and the circus in high demand at private parties.Most often in the speeches involved monkeys, snakes, birds, insects, cats, dogs, large animals, predators, etc.

Barman show

This kind of show is appropriate at corporate parties and night parties.Bartenders expertly show sleight of hand, skillfully juggle glasses and shakers, audiences are treated to cocktails.In fact, the show reveals the bartender and professionally prepares delicious drinks, and his skill is evaluated under two parameters.

Magicians and illusionists

These artists surprise and a delight of the audience.Tricks can be simple, based on manual dexterity.Such artists are particularly fond of children.Non illusionists often based on the use of complex equipment, technology, implemented with the help of assistants.They are designed for a more mature audience and often based on fear.

clowns and buffoons

Since ancient times, they were designed to amuse the audience.They make fun of the simple, everyday things and events. Ā«Minute of Fame" - the most popular television shows of artists of original genre in Russia.It helps an unknown talents from the regions to express themselves throughout the country. also have a large popularity among children.However, the stories are known virtuoso clowns, skillfully combining room children's and adult humor.

Show bubbles

decoration of any holiday.The presentation can be used car giant soap bubbles and hand tools.Such a show cause joy, delight.Often, the artists allow the public to try to make a big bubble of their own.In addition, the bubbles get a nice photo.

Fire show

Extreme representation associated with fire, and its operation.Original, exciting, spontaneous actions based on risks and mesmerizing beauty of the fire.