Tip 1: How does the classical music

scientists in numerous experiments have shown that listening to music is not just a pleasure to the ear, but also has a considerable impact on the entire body.But the greatest benefit to man bring classical works.
work, people sometimes include music.If used for this classic tunes such support will not interfere.Moreover, classic helps cope with routine tasks.Scientists have studied the efficiency of the assembly line workers.When listening to the classics ones made fewer mistakes and feel much better than laboring in normal circumstances.
At first glance it may seem that the background music, even contributes to the routine duties should certainly prevent intense brain activity, which is best to indulge in silence.But no - it was experimentally found that listening to classical compositions majeure stimulates brain activity, enhances sharpness, improves the ability to memorize.Preparing for an important exam, or repeating a report for the meeting, including Mozart, and will wo
rk more fun.
Classic can help cope with various diseases.Even the ancient Greeks cured his patients, performing melodic composition.Listening to classical music, such as Chopin and Mendelssohn, it is recommended for cardiovascular diseases.Get rid of nervous tension helps after work "Lullaby" by Brahms, Dvorak compositions and "Polonaise" Oginski save headaches, Beethoven is useful for gastritis, and military marches raise muscle tone.
Scientists believe that listening to classical music is helpful for a person, even at the stage of fetal development.Already in the fourteenth week the fetus is able to perceive and respond to the music.Listening to classical positive impact on the child's intellectual development.Useful are regular ten-minute sessions of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Brahms.
Listening classics not only affects people, but also to plants and animals.Flowers, which regularly include melodious music grew faster and bloom over a long period, and cows in Germany, which for the sake of the experiment began to put Mozart, increased yields.

Tip 2: How music affects human

Music influences people, depending on the emotional level.Man who listens to music, not just hear it, but under the influence of the frequency of the sound and rhythm begins to rebuild.
How music affects human

They impose a certain human condition, which is either in harmony with his present condition or completely contradicts it.In this first embodiment is characterized by the emergence of a sense of inner joy and emotional recovery.Most strongly be influenced music by women.This fact is due to the fact that women's nature is very dynamic and easily changed by external influences.At the same time all the reactions are carried out at the subconscious level, and is fully controlled by the human mind.In the case of the state of disharmony between man and music, it may be irritation or other emotional impulses that cause a person to stop listening to a particular song.Such behavior is called a protective reaction of the organism.

appearance of this reaction may provoke some quite understandable reasons.

established that sounds, including music, are longitudinal waves.And as each wave, they have a value of measurement.Therefore, even the slightest change in the sound level can cause redistribution of primary matter, filling space.Maximum impact is subject to the astral body is the essence of man, this is accompanied by additional saturation of the primary matter called F and G, which is further manifested in the emotional response to music in the music.Moreover, music influences people differently, it all depends on the frequency and the frequency (rate) at which the sounds are repeated.Low-frequency sounds cause excessive saturation of the essence of man, manifested in increased aggressiveness and sexuality.Therefore, the low voice of a man, as a rule, for many women, is associated with male sexual way.Such a man's voice can have an impact on the sexual woman, prompting her to romantic intimacy with the opposite sex, and causing strong sexual attraction.

Effects of music on people
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