addition, culture , in a narrower sense, it is a special sphere of society, where the focus spiritual forces of humanity, displays of affection, creative activity, achieving mind.It is engaged in the study of culture nauka cultural studies.Also, various aspects of the cultural life of study and many other sciences - history, sociology, ethnography, linguistics, archeology, ethics, art and drugie.Kultura - mnogogpannoe and dynamic phenomenon.It is an integral part of society, designed to perform certain funktsii.Drevneyshaya function of culture - human adaptation to the environment.Thanks to the human society could find protection from hostile forces of
nature, and even forced them to serve him.Primitive people learned to make clothes from animal skins, tamed ogon and as a result cmogli ogpomnye populate the territory.The next function of culture - the accumulation, storage and transmission of cultural values.This feature helps a person to develop, using the accumulated knowledge of the world.It employs the mechanisms of cultural traditions, through which the accumulated retained heritage for centuries.In addition, culture creates values ​​and benchmarks for the whole society.Create a culture values ​​approved by the norms and requirements of society to all citizens, govern their lives.The social component of the culture allows each person to absorb a certain system of norms and values, to be a full member of society.Excluded from the cultural processes of people with difficulty adapting to life in human society.Very important communicative function of culture.In today's world there is a constant dialogue of cultures.History is crossing regional and national boundaries, it becomes global.Culture, as a man, you need constant communication, the ability to compare yourself with others.The real value of culture can only be developed in cooperation with other of culture.They grow in the rich cultural soil.