Creativity - is a special kind of human activities that contribute to the world something new, that it did not exist.People involved in the work of since ancient times, but what motives drive them?On this complex issue, there are many speculations.Believers people believe that man was created in the image and likeness of God.This was stated in many scriptures.And since God was a creator, he created the earth, plants, animals, people, and every man by nature is a true creator.The difficulty lies only in the fact that people were able to detect in ourselves and develop the nature of the inherent talents and abilities, bringing to the world something new.Most people engaged in creative work because they like to do with my childhood.Creative activ
ity - not just a way to "kill" time, but still mysterious process that delivers a genuine pleasure.Moreover, the creator can please not only themselves but also other people even end product of their labor.Surprise made with his own hands, his own poems or self-invented melody - these are gifts most people love to receive for the holidays.After all, they enclosed a piece congratulate rights.In addition, a gift created by yourself, is truly unique.He can not find analogues in the mire.Nekotoryh children are forced to engage in creative activities of parents.Sometimes parents try creative "fashion" from his own child themselves.But we must remember that the work of enforcement will not lead to anything good.It is important that from the earliest years of a child engaged in that it is really interesting.Then he will be able to quickly find their way in life and grow up happy.Also, work to date - one of the ways of earnings.A truly talented people can get a good income, engaging in creative activities chosen.