Russian singer, acting under the pseudonym of "Glory", the listener is known for its popular songs "Cool", "fellow traveler" and many others.During his professional career, she has released four solo discs, and also starred in the movies, and she won many prestigious awards, including "Golden Gramophone" Muz TV and others.

real name of the singer and the beginning of Fame career

Singer Slava was born May 15, 1980.At birth, a girl named Nastya name: thus, the full name of the artist of the moment - Anastasia Vladimirovna Slanevskaya.Her father was a professional driver, and his mother - economist.However, when Nastia was two years old, her parents divorced, and daughter remained with her mother.Finding something for everyone, Anastasia tried many types of activities - studying to be a psychologist, li
nguist, Tourism management, the administrator tried to work in a casino and engage in interior design.

Creative singing career began at the age of 22, when in 2002 it drew the attention of the television director Sergei Kalvarsky.He saw her in a karaoke club and offered the girl to try to work together.The result of this collaboration was the song "Love and hate", which was filmed a bright clip.The product quickly gained popularity not only among the broad masses of students, but also for professionals: in 2004, the clip was nominated for MTV.

Provenance alias

Anastasia Slanevskaya once appeared on the national stage under the pseudonym of "Glory": obviously, to cooperate with it professionals understand that the chances of success of the girl with a short, sonorous and unusual name can be more than if she tries to winlove of the audience, using his real name.Further developments showed that this calculation was correct: today, only the most devoted fans will remember the real name of the singer, while the majority of the audience prefers to identify it with a pseudonym.

In one of his interviews Thank mentioned that a man who offered a stage name, was her common-law husband, Anatoly Danilitsky who always took to heart her creative activities and supported the singer.He, according to the actress, her real name deciphered Slanevskaya as "Neva nice girl."And the objections of Anastasia that she Muscovite, has agreed to reduce the transcript to just "nice."Thus was the stage name, which is now known to almost every fan of the Russian pop music.