body - the instrument is considered to be the most difficult.To play it, you need to use the whole body.On the body there are several keyboards for hands, called manuals, as well as a special keyboard for the feet.The latter is also called the pedal.To play it, organist need special shoes.Body consists of a pipe system, which may be made of metal or wood, are tubes with tongues and without flaps.They overtaking by air bellows, and then passes through the cavity - thus produced sound.Today, increasingly electro be found, which differ in that the air enters the pipe is not using the bellows, and by means of an electric pump.The body
is often called the king of instruments, because of the richness and brightness of the sound with him a little that compares.An additional difficulty is that the authorities in the world is not so much: for the installation of such a tool should be a special building.The apartment organ for entertainment not set.
Piano - another very difficult for a performer musical instrument.Despite the fact that it is able to play most of those studying at a music school or conservatory, still a very small number of musicians can boast that they have a perfect command of the instrument.Special expressiveness, which is peculiar to the piano, is achieved only when the musician is not only technology, but also the ability to transfer the subtlest emotional work.Such a tool can be of two types: piano, strings which are stretched vertically, and a grand piano where the strings with the frame is horizontal.
Saxophone - a very complex instrument, all the possibilities of sound which people often underestimate is used to hearing a certain playing style, popular in modern years.It trostevoy musical instrument that belongs to the family of reed woodwind.The saxophone has a very melodious, lively tone, and in terms of sound are hidden amazing features.Saxophone was created in 1842 by a master from Belgium named Adolphe Sax.That he patented tool and named it after himself.In the 19th century the saxophone was accepted into the ranks of a symphony orchestra, but more often it is used in perfumes.Very bright side of the building revealed the saxophone in jazz and related genres.
Violin - another tool, which is considered quite complicated.It consists of a body cavity and the neck, which spanned four strings.The game is made by the four fingers of his left hand and a bow in his right hand, which lead the strings.Occasionally there are five-stringed violin.The timbre of the instrument varies considerably from upper to lower case.The violin came into the world of orchestral music of the people, it is one of the oldest European instruments.In the 16th century the violin was given to a single mind, but before that met a variety of modifications.To play the violin, you need to have perfect hearing, and her technique of sound - one of the most difficult among the orchestral instruments.