Historical Roots bard

Originally, the word "bard" originated in the Celtic language and is lower priestly caste in San Druids.The title of the bard getting people masterfully wielding the magic of sound, who knew by heart thousands of ancient ballads and poetic traditions, able to singing and music to raise the morale of the soldiers, and even heal the body and soul.

But honor and respect earned singers, composing and performing songs about heroes and gods, not only the Celts, but also in other nations of antiquity: the Greeks, the Etruscans, the ancient Slavs and Scandinavians.

tradition compose ballads and sagas do them, accompanyin
g himself on a musical instrument, he was alive and in the Middle Ages.Call such singers and performers all rolled into one in different ways: trouveres, troubadours, Vagant, minstrels.But they can be called successors bardic tradition.These eternal wanderers with native bards that they not only sang other people's hits at the time, but also independently composed both lyrics and music.

modern bards

in the modern sense of the bard - a singer-songwriter.There is a separate genre - author or the Ballad song, and followers of this musical direction song called today bards.

Since the 30-ies of XX century in the Soviet Union has developed a new direction song genre.The so-called urban romance, popular in the XIX century, is reincarnated in the Yard song.By the 60 th year the image of a young man with a guitar, singing songs often of his own campfire or during cooking gatherings, has become a classic attribute of the city, student and tourist romance.The brightest representatives of the new genre became known and even popular.Many are still on hearing the names of Alexander Galich, Yu Vizbora, E. Klyachkin A. Yakushev.

But first Russian bards, truly earned national fame and love, are considered to be so bright and talented person, as Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky.They have raised the level of the author's song "apartment concerts" to significant events in the cultural life of the country.They have shown that people without musical training, not owning a professional musical instrument is able to find an echo in the hearts of thousands.

Perhaps the golden age for the art song in Russia have become 80 years of the last century, but today the genre has not lost its fans.Many poets went and continue to go on stage, accompanying himself on the guitar, singing his songs.Of course, poetic bard component more valuable and significant than music.But the rhythm guitar and play music or unhurried words help to find a way to the hearts and souls of listeners.