idea and exhibits.First of all you must decide, for whatever reason you have a desire to open a museum : it is the desire to share with others their own interests or the desire to earn.In the first case, the exhibits will be performing your own collection.If you have a goal - to benefit, it makes sense to simply buy several collections of interesting items.Items in the collection should be enough to put them on public display.
room.If possible, room for future museum is better to buy in the property, so as not to depend on the constantly rising rents.Another op
tion - to try to find a sponsor: a major institution that would allow the museum to place in your room or offer preferential conditions of the lease.
staff.The required minimum - it is an accountant, curator in charge of exhibits and exhibitions, a person with knowledge of computer technology and cleaner.It is possible, it may take a restorer and tour guide with knowledge of foreign languages.
budget.It is necessary to paint the monthly expenditure: staff salaries, utilities or rent, restoration of exhibits, the acquisition of new items for the collection, content, costs of printing services.Exhibits may be obtained free of charge: many people are flattered that their item will be exhibited in the museum.Revenues will consist of a museum entrance fee and tour of the sales programmok, books and photographs.Also, it can be charitable donations or grants for projects.You can also donate space for rent for a variety of presentations and events.
activities.Besides having the permanent exhibition, it makes sense to organize temporary exhibitions, using their own funds or in cooperation with other collectors and artists.Announcements of such events, is published in the media, increase museum attendance.