Arina was born in the city of Togliatti, February 15, 1991.Her parents divorced, and from an early age the girl was brought up by one mother, who, in turn, has delegated parenting grandparents.They Arina and lived up to the end of secondary school.She recalls that in the age of 7 she was sent to a camp, and, when the roll was called, and the name of "Perchik" all began to laugh, and she was not offended, but had in mind.Since then, says Arina, she became a clown (in a good way) and remains in that role until now, that she, in her confession, madly in love. way, paprika - is no
t an alias, this is the maiden name of her mother, Arina is it to 3 years.While her name was - Karina, the first letter she decided to remove herself recently.

Perchik was the star of the school.It says, and she and her classmates and even teachers.Arina (then Karina) and elder chose, and she led a school event, and generally in school life took a very active part.

After high school she went to conquer Moscow.I go to college, but the study has not worked, it did not upset Arina, as it had already signed a contract with the popular Moscow modeling agency.Because of the books that an idle student considered boring, and reading them - busy boring and sad, she moved to a more exciting and useful, in its view, the case - and posing in front of video cameras.

Top Model in Russian

Arriving at the show "Top Model in Russian", to which Arina got, by the way, on a general basis, without protégé, she immediately drew the attention of the organizers and participants,and, most importantly, - viewers (broadcast the show took place on the channel MUZ-TV).And it was not surprising, given the appearance of a bright young model and its looseness that has nothing to do with vulgarity.It is worth noting occurred backstage incident concerning Arina.Members of the jury doubted the growth of a young model, said about 176 centimeters.And then a leading Ksenia Sobchak personally measured the participant.It turned out that the girl is not slukavila he really apply as 176 cm. By the way, the weight of models - 47 kg, probably why it seems so tiny.

Perchik failed to reach the finals, despite universal love, but she says she has no regrets about it, because at this stage received importantly, for what was started and all - popularity and experience. popularity, as you know, has two sides.Arina and for participation in the show turned out, on the one hand, a sincere love of fans, but on the other - about the scandal given to her crime boss Bentley Continental.

Life Russian Amazons

Once Arina shot for a men's magazine "XXL" in the image of cheeky Amazon.Readers pointed out one, in their opinion, the most erotic photos, which is fixed to the back of the model.At the same clothes on it - a quiver of arrows, but on his feet fur boots up to the knees.Since then, the nickname "Russian Amazon" firmly established for Arina.

girl married.With civil husband lives on the "ruble".Children yet, but, according to Arina, she really wants to have them.But also wants to build a career, because for this it has all the possibilities.So it is at a crossroads, knowing that combine these things are very difficult.

Today Arina Perchik engaged in acting classes at the studio MTHAT (Moscow Art Academic Theater Theatre), is interested in singing.Asked what way would like to try on, laughingly replied: "No!I like your image, this little fool. "