Features Tatar national costume

is difficult to identify a single type of Tatar national costume, because there are many subgroups of Tatars.The formation of the national way of clothing influenced by eastern nations of Islam, especially the national costume of the Volga Tatars.

Like the traditional costumes of other nations, the Tatar national clothes has come a long and difficult path of historical development.

The Tatar national costume presented in a harmonious combination of bright fabric "eastern" colors, hats with a difficult ornament, shoes and different types of appointments, elegant and sophisticated jewelry.Due to all of these elements formed a special character of the Tatar national clothes.

elements of national Tatar costume

basis of the traditional costume of Tatars make up trousers (yshtan) and a shirt-dress (kulmek).Over the shirt traditionally worn coat or robe.Moreover, the word 'coat' has Arabic roots and very consonant with similar elements of the Arab dress - hilgatom.

Tatars also often wore Ciobu.It was a light clothing unlined, reaches a length just below the knee.Usually it was made of linen or hemp fabrics.

usually hinged upper clothes Tatars had no fasteners, so doubtless attribute of national costume is a belt.It could equally be made from fabric or knitted from wool.

Another distinctive aspect of the Tatar dress has its trapezoidal shape.As well as high resolution and amazing brightness of the tissue.Tatars were characterized by a large amount of jewelry to wear, that only added to the brightness of the image.

Women's traditional clothing

Tatar women's clothes were more varied than men's.She differed not only seasonal, but also for other purposes (daily and occasional), and even age.It is in women's traditional dress were seen brighter territorial peculiarities of a particular sub-group of the Tatars.

basis of women's traditional costume were shirt, trousers and a lower bib.It is also often used coats and bishmety.The camisole is called short sleeveless garment, often waisted, unlike the male version of his coat.A bishmetom - coat with long sleeves and fitted back.It is often sewn of velvet and trimmed with fur.He buttoned with a large silver buckle, which also served as an aesthetic function.