Ticket price

Hermitage without exaggeration be called a national treasure of Russia.It is not surprising that the museum attracts a large number of not only Russian but also foreign tourists who want to personally enjoy the best works of Russian painting and sculpture, as well as personally assess the interiors of the royal palace.However, only the main complex of the Hermitage, located on Palace Embankment St. Petersburg, consists of five buildings - the Winter Palace, the Small and Large Hermitage, the New Hermitage and the Hermitage Theatre.

pricing policy of the Hermitage is oriented in such a way as to ensure greater access to Russian citizens visiting the museum complex.By the way, this policy adheres to a significant part of the museum institutions in St. Petersburg.For example, an adult ticket, providing visitor access to all

the main exhibition, presented in the grounds of the Palace on the waterfront to the citizens of Russia is 350 rubles.In addition, at the same price to visit the museum complex are citizens of Belarus, a member of the Customs Union with Russia.Such an entrance fee to the Hermitage was set to July 1, 2014.

But for foreign nationals wishing to visit the complex of Hermitage buildings located on the Palace Embankment, the ticket would cost 400 rubles.You can also purchase a ticket for two days, which will cost 500 rubles.Therefore, in order to confirm its right to purchase the ticket at a more affordable price, a Russian citizen must present a document proving his status - for example, regular passport.

Free access to some categories of citizens can exercise the right of free admire the collections of the Hermitage.In particular, they include pensioners, but only those who are citizens of Russia.Therefore, to visit the museum this category of citizens is necessary to have a pension certificate.In addition, the right of free access to the Hermitage by children of preschool and school age, as well as pupils and students.The data categories of citizens may visit the museum complex for free, regardless of nationality.

And the first Thursday of each month - free admission day for all visitors to the Hermitage.However, it should be borne in mind that even with free entry to any visitor, whether student, student or pensioner, should receive a special free ticket at the box office institutions, to provide proof of his status.