Tip 1: How to buy a ticket at a lecture at the Tretyakov Gallery

State Tretyakov Gallery - the world-famous art museum has a rich collection of paintings by Russian artists, as well as ancient icons.In the gallery includes a whole complex of buildings in Lavrushinsky Lane near the metro station "Tretyakov" and on Krymsky Val, near the metro station "Park Kultury".In addition to the basic profile of their activities - demonstrations of works of art to Muscovites and guests of the capital - gallery leads lectures and educational activities.

In the season 2012 - 2013.Gallery visitors are offered a choice program consisting of 38 tickets, each of which includes the opportunity to attend several lectures on topics that are most interesting to the audience.For example, the subscription "A Brief History of Russian Art" includes lectures on the development of culture of Russia from the XI century to the present day.

Any listener can choose the most suitable program of lectures - from entertainment, popular scientific format to the in-depth, serious study.There are spe
cial lecture programs for school children and the average age for parents with children.This season tickets included in the list of the new program - "The meeting with the specialist."Her students told in detail about the features of professions museum workers, as well as the various issues of Art.

Lecturing is done either in the lecture hall of the gallery at Lavrushinsky Lane, 12, 1st floor of the Corps, or in a conference room on the 2nd floor of the same body, or in a conference room on Krymsky Val (Krymsky Val10, 3rd floor).Sale of season tickets and group formation is done twice a year - in May and November.Thus, people who had not bought tickets, but plans to attend lectures in February, March and April of next year, will have to buy a subscription for the coming November.If visitors wish to attend lectures in September-October this year, they can do so by purchasing a subscription value of 900 rubles (500 rubles - excursions + cost of entrance tickets to the gallery).

Buy tickets at the tour desk can the State Tretyakov Gallery (Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, the main entrance).All the necessary information can be obtained by phone: (495) 953-52-23 and (495) 957-07-82.

To avoid misunderstandings and complaints must also be remembered that the adult wishing to accompany their children to the lectures, should acquire tickets, and the lecture, missed a season ticket holder for any reason beyond the control of the gallery, is not repeated.

Tip 2: How does a subscription to the Tretyakov Gallery

This Art Museum has incorporated one of the largest in the world collection of Russian art.The State Tretyakov Gallery was founded in 1856 by the Moscow merchant and philanthropist Pavel Tretyakov, and bears his name.
How does a subscription to the Tretyakov Gallery

In the Tretyakov Gallery are paintings, symbolically reflecting a whole era: Kustodiev work, Vrubel, Levitan's landscapes.The museum regularly hosts shows of Russian and foreign collections of paintings.

Ticket offices are open daily from 10:00 to 19:00, except Mondays.Admission varies for children, adults, school children and students.Certain categories of citizens entitled to free access to the exhibition galleries.The museum also provides a tour service groups.

's tour department you can buy individual tickets to the cycle consisting of four outings.For children 7-9 years have cycles of "Walking in the Tretyakov Gallery" and "Conversations about art.""Walking" include tour titled "The Magical World of museum", "Journey to the Ancient Rus ',' The kingdom of Far Far Away" and "What do artists paint pictures."In "Conversations" included "Four Seasons", "The house and its inhabitants", "Secrets of the portrait" and "Invitation to the table."

Children aged 10-12 years can get to the "Introduction to the kinds of fine arts" and "Introduction to the genres of fine art."The first cycle aims to teach children about painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and applied arts.The second cycle is considering genres home painting portraits, landscapes and historical paintings.

Excursion groups are formed twice a year, in May and November.During the same periods sells tickets.Adults who wish to accompany the children on excursions, must purchase tickets.Missed by subscription trips are not compensated.More information can be found on the official website of the museum.

There is an annual subscription to the author's five-olds and their parents.On Sundays once a month classes, consisting of two parts.First, in one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery and the parents of the children are introduced to the picture presented.In the second part of the session the children paint in the studio with the teacher-artist, and parents more acquainted with the history of fine arts and receive guidelines on effective and "panoramic" familiarizing children to perfect.

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