Composition and principles of the orchestra of folk instruments a particular country depends on the characteristics of musical culture of the people.It is composed of traditional instruments in historically authentic or reconstructed form.Orchestra of Folk Instruments are divided into homogeneous, consisting of one domra, balalaika, Pandora, and mixed, consisting of different instruments.
orchestra of folk instruments performed transcriptions of classical pieces, folk songs and music written especially for them by composers.Orchestras, received the development of folk art today are in demand on the big stages around the world.
first professional orchestra of folk instruments in Russia is considered to be The Great Orchestra, formed a circle of fans of the game
on the balalaika, which after the October Revolution was renamed the Russian folk orchestra named after VVAndreev.
modern Russian folk orchestra traditionally includes such musical instruments as a three-stringed domra, woodwinds (flute, bagpipes, zhaleyka Russian origin, as well as flute and oboe European origin), button accordions, percussion instruments(bells, rattles, spoons, tambourine Russian origin, as well as drums and bells of European descent), a harp, and, of course, balalaika (primo, second, viola, bass, contrabass).
the prototype of Ukrainian folk instruments orchestra ensembles of song and dance is considered, which is composed of three performers - violinist, Zimbalist and bubnist.In Soviet times, Ukraine inherited the traditions of the Russian folk instruments orchestra, the so-called Andreev Orchestra.The basis of the modern orchestra Ukrainian folk instruments is a group of stringed bowed instruments, similar to the composition of this group in a symphony orchestra.It also includes woodwind musical instruments - flute and oboe, string-plucked (Bandura and Kobza), percussion instruments used in the orchestra.Some orchestras are also used cymbals and button accordions.
on the territory of Russia and Ukraine in the last century have spread "Neapolitan" orchestras, which are based on mandolin and guitar.