Edvard Munch painted a series of paintings in the interval from 1893 to 1910.Each of them depicts a stylized figure of a man screaming, going over the bridge, amid flaming sky.The artist himself said that one day, walking with friends on the bridge, he turned and looked at the sunset.And instantly I felt a strange feeling, as if the nature around him screaming, burning in the fire of the sunset.

original title of the painting - "Cry of nature."On the canvas depicts a rather primitive figure of a man, completely bald head, well rounded mouth open in awe eyes.And everything else is written, bright, cutting eye colors.Smears like waves, frame, away from the face of the central character, creating the appearance of a sound wave, which sways the whole of nature.Only the bridge remains straight and steadfast.

Some say that the picture was written under the influence of drugs.Some believe that it was created at the time of acute manic-depressive psychosis artist.However you need to recognize that this painting is a symbol of the beginning of the new century in art, his loneliness, alienation, despair and so on.

Three works are in museums and art galleries.They were two assassination attempts and theft.Sure, it fueled interest in the paintings.The fourth painting, executed in pastel, kept a private collector whose name is not known.That it was put up for auction with a starting price of 80 million dollars.Acquired the painting "The Scream" as an unknown person.

Artworks tend to rise in price with a geometric progression.This may affect the uniqueness of the web, its history of creation, the personality of the artist, as well as the number of attempts that attracts attention.No wonder the owners did not disclose their names.But who knows, it is likely that it will soon attract more fabric to the attention of the public and the Edvard Munch and his "Scream" will give way to first place on the podium.