history and features Gzheli

According to historical documents, Gzhel became famous as the center of ceramic production in the XIV century.Dishes that did the master was so good that it delivered to the royal court.

Porcelain, which is produced from craftsmen Gzheli corresponds to folk traditions.Masters paint their products by hand, machine Gzhel painting simply does not exist.Gzhel painting colors - from white to bright blue, cobalt color.This cobalt and painted Gzhel dishes.In a single product can contain up to 30 different shades of cobalt blue color from almost clear, sky-blue to bright light saturated dark blue.

Gzhel painting has long been fascinated by connoisseurs.Kustodiev, a famous Russian painter, even called her designs "magical blue flowers."

Interestingly, before firing pattern is black and white.It thus sees his master while working on the product.His bright blue ceramic paint gets under the influence of heat.

patterns and brush painting Gzhel

The basis of most patterns Gzheli is smear-droplet.This is the name he was given, as it is very similar to a drop of rain.With this smear paint the leaves and twigs, flower petals.Sometimes droplets decorate flowers, for example, placing them along the stem.Changing the size of such droplets, the wizard can create a very beautiful patterns.

Another stroke, rather unusual, is called "smear shadows," or they say that it is a smear on one side.It is done so that the darker shade gradually transformed into light.Shadows smear technique is not easy to master.To perform it, you must first properly distribute the paint on the brush, gaining more mass to the edge.Typically used for such smears thick rounded at the ends of the brush.

leaves, buds and flowers typical of Gzhel painting, will not mix with patterns from other traditional Russian techniques.

Gzhel rose - very common pattern that captures the spirit of the whole style.It happens that write large rose somewhat sprawling and sometimes draw in detail fine brush.Animals and birds are also distinctive characters murals.Birds are particularly fond of the master for a long time.On products of Gzheli you can find a variety of birds, they sing and fly, and sit, and peck grain.If the surface of the painting Gzhel is high enough, even the artist can portray the landscape.