cycle of paintings by Van Gogh

famous Dutch painter wrote two series of paintings devoted to sunflowers.The first cycle of the Paris shows and is already behind color fading.The second, more ambitious, was painted in Arles, and contains images of sunflowers standing in the vase.It is believed that Van Gogh wrote this cycle to decorate the house for the arrival of Gauguin, who was a close friend of the artist.Arles series differs mainly only used backgrounds.The painting was done in typical Van Gogh's style - they use large and sharp strokes, simplified silhouettes and clean, bright colors.When the artist was guided by the style of Vermeer, who used a combination of azure background and pale yellow color.
time of the writing of one of Van Gogh paintings Gauguin was captured on canvas "Van Gogh painting sunflowers."

¬ęSunflowers" by Claude Monet

This painting was created in 1881.It depicts a small vase and a huge bright bouquet of sunflowers.The background is blurred and the viewer's attention is confined to the flowers.Monet was painting a picture careless wavy brush strokes that create the impression of dynamics - head of golden flowers like swaying in the wind.As the founder of Impressionism, the artist applied when writing web all the postulates that are typical of the future fans of this trend - lightness, lightness, brightness of colors, but more realistic.Monet was painting not a clear line, and of the bright spots of light, color combinations and sharp strokes that seem to be passed on the movement of air.

¬ęWithered sunflowers" Egon Schiele

While most artists sunflowers was associated with the sun, life and joy, Egon Schiele created an unusual picture of "Withered sunflowers."Expressionist painter created works in a characteristic grim manner, using pastel shades, cartoon lines and clear shapes."Wilted Sunflowers" have strict gothic sound, the flowers themselves merge the color of the leaves and earth.In the picture there is a clear composition - shows that bush sunflowers beyond the top and bottom webs.
Schiele painting has long been considered missing during the Second World War, but it was found and sold at auction.

product creates a mood of anxiety - even the sky and the sun has faded paint, do not have to do with reality.As a fan of expressionist Schiele attached importance not so much realism as their own moods and emotions, which covered it with the painting.