traditional modern symphony orchestra consists of six groups of instruments, such as bow-string, wooden wind instruments, copper, brass, percussion, keyboards and additional musical instruments.In a large symphony orchestra playing to 110 musicians, and small - to 50. Management team carries conductor, managing artistic interpretation of music.
Stringed bowed instruments are the basis of a symphony orchestra.They are the bearers of the melodic beginning of a musical work.Tools of this group are similar in appearance and tone, and the sound is extracted using a bow.Expressive sound of the violin is central to the group throughout the orchestra.Viola is different from violin slightly larger size and more muted, dull sound.Cello app
earance follows the contours of the violin, but it is a lot more of it.Cello not hold on the shoulder, as the previous two tools, and relies on the stand.This tool has a low, but velvety and noble sound.Bass exceeds the size of not only all of the above tools groups, but also the growth of man, so to play it sitting down.The sound is low and droning bass.
Group woodwinds are: sonorous flute, oboe with rich, warm sound with a variety of clarinet tone, bass, hoarse-sounding bassoon and has the lowest tone of group kontrfagot.This group was named because of the material from which they are made, wood, and a method of extracting sound blowing air.
for toolmaking group of copper-brass instruments used metals with a high copper content.Their accession is characterized by powerful, solemn, bright sound.Voiced the "voice" of the pipe often plays solo part.Voltorna traditionally heard in the pastoral music.During the climax in the work of the party takes the trombone.The lowest sound has a tuba.
Percussion combines a method for extracting sound - kick.But the nature of sound are all different.Their main task - to emphasize the rhythm, to strengthen the orchestra, adding expressiveness.The orchestra can find such percussion instruments: drums, large and small drums, tambourine, cymbals, triangles, bells, xylophone.
keyboards group is characterized by the presence of each instrument of white and black keys.Among them are: authority, the clavichord, harpsichord and piano.They are often solitary in the orchestra.
to perform certain works for orchestra include stringed plucked instrument with a light, transparent tone - the harp.It attached a note in the magic of music.