becoming the genre of Russian music in the XVIII century romance for three centuries has changed dramatically, turning from frivolous enough, it was in Spain, in a complex on the content and form of music.Important role in this played a mastery of performers, which gives it a special depth and sincerity.Performers of songs in different directions included in its repertoire ballads.

Laugh, clown

Alexander Vertinsky, flowering of creativity which fell at the beginning of the XX century, successfully failed the exam in the Moscow Art Theater, where he was an examiner Konstantin Stanislavsky.He "did not believe" in the a
cting talent Vertinsky because speech impediment.Paradoxically, the letter "p", which did not allow the actor to fulfill his dream became his trademark, as well as invented his own way of Piero.

Arietki Piero, in fact - his own poems, put on his same music, tragicomic musical miniatures in which every visitor theater (they Vertinskii often performed during these years) could see myself.A white mask, suddenly appearing in a bright beam of light, comes to mind at the first sound of his verses: "Tango Magnolia," "Your fingers smell of incense", "You got dressed in the evening and shiver."

my gentle friend

Remember these lines?"My sweet friend, often tears I drop ..." They say that the novel is a romance with Isabella St George's began with her first appearance on the stage."White gypsy" as it is sometimes called, was a native of Rostov, and all my life, "bathed", not only in people's love, but also won the hearts of the Soviet "generals" and American millionaires.

In fact, her life had two "stars" - a romance and her husband Joseph Arkad'ev, under the "light" that she became known around the world and has come a long, happy creative way.

destiny of man

name Boris Shtokolova on hearing the Second World War, not only contemporaries, but also the younger generation."Shine, shine, my star", "Coachman, do not ride horses," "Morning misty morning sedoe."Who knows not to give Marshal GKZhukov Directorate Air Force special school, where he studied Shtokolov, orders to send him to enter the Sverdlovsk Conservatory, we would have heard his performance in the masterpieces of Russian romance.

great expressive deep bass, according to his fans, courageous and gentle at the same time, conquered not only compatriots and foreign audience.For the whole world Shtokolov was and remains a symbol of the Russian soul: the mighty strength and generosity.