Meet Isa and Gufan

Alex met with Ayzoy club "Sorry, Grandma," where he expected his friends and saw a girl who was dancing, smiling at him.The young men exchanged smiles and Gough thought that this beautiful girl has certainly someone found.Later, Alex, waited for his friends, found out that one of them knows the beautiful stranger.Happy rapper presented Ayse together guys squandered the whole night and not having time to really talk - around them were too many people.

About Isa youth little is known - she studied at the Moscow School of Health and is a graduate of the Moscow Lingvistichnogo faculty.

Alexei and Ayse that night could not even exchanged phone numbers, but as it turned out later, she had
heard about the talented artist.About Gufe she told her friend, the musician is much like - after learning about it, strong Isa promised herself that she got acquainted friends and Guf.However, all the opposite happened, and the girl she met Alex.After they parted ways, young people are constantly met each other in various get-togethers, but their relationship is in no hurry to tie ...

First Dates

Once Alex met Aizu snowboarders to the party, where he was trying to learn how to conquer a snowboard.He was sent on a mountainside with Ayzoy who decided to personally instruct the beginner - a result Gough fell from the board and was perfectly obsmeyat Kata girl.After returning home, I thought Man is completely absorbed Isa, for which he even wrote a song.Having decided to call the girl, Alex asked her out by offering Ayse skate.She refused, calling it Babskii occupation, and called Guf in the movie.

According to Alexei, their first date spoiled a terrible film, in view of which they felt uncomfortable.

At that time Isa saw in Gufe not so much a man as a friend, since it was easy and fun.However, after Isa yet acquainted with the very Alexei girlfriend, the girl began to feel jealous - she fell in love.Young people began to meet, and Isa Gufan acquainted with his father, a general of the FSB.Gough, in turn, presented the darling of his grandmother.From Isa Alexei and I get a real Italian family that the quarrel, then reconciled, then converges then diverges.Today Dolmatova couple is divorced, but trying to remain friends for the sake of his young son.