Creator of the famous poster-agitation was a Soviet painter Irakli Toidze.On the official version of creation known from the memoirs of his relatives.On the day the war started, the wizard worked on sketches for works of art.Suddenly the door to the shop opened, stood on the threshold of the artist's wife, Tamara Fedorovna.Breaking voice she said only one word: "War!".

Hand Tamara pointed in the direction of the street, where we could hear snatches Sovinformburo posts.Condition wife, her mute despair and call for immediate action forwards Irakli Toidze.Driven by impulse, he immediately made a fe
w sketches that formed the basis for the future poster.

By the end of June 1941, a very large circulation printed poster "The Motherland Calls!" Was distributed throughout the country.Agitation pasted on the bus army offices, railway stations, offices, and even in the streets.He was released on a special edition of the poster in a small format.This card can fit in a shirt pocket.Going to the front, many soldiers are carefully stacked in his breast pocket image Motherland, which reminded of the need to fight the enemy until the end.

But there is another, more prosaic version of the history of the poster.Writer Viktor Suvorov, famous for its historical investigations related to the period of the Great Patriotic War, states in one of his acclaimed books that famous poster-agitation was actually created long before the German invasion.

According to Suvorov, the poster, among many other ideological tool, had to appear everywhere in the country at the beginning of July 1941, when the country's leadership had planned to begin the liberation campaign in Europe.But ahead of Stalin, Hitler, so the plans had changed dramatically.As an indirect confirmation of his version of the author cites evidence that in some remote parts of the country Motherland looked at people piercing gaze on the day the war began.

Today is difficult reliably reconstruct the events of that distant pores.One way or another, but the poster created by Irakli Toidze, proved a powerful means of universal patriotism rise.Created by an artist image of the motherland was extremely impressive and soulful, he awoke in the citizens the best feelings is much more effective than political studies or the most fiery speeches of political workers.Poster "Motherland Calls!" Is still considered a masterpiece of propaganda art.