feature Japanese music is not only the widest range of genres - both traditional Japanese and western, but also to build on the basis of their distinctive styles, not like the others.

Popular genres and performers

Japanese pop or J-Pop.Formed in the 90s and took a dominant position in the music of Japan.Among them are particularly popular compositions using traditional Japanese singing and melodies as well as compositions written under the influence of The Beatles with elements of Western and traditional Japanese music.

In addition to these areas, to the style of J-Pop is often referred popular rock band, well-known Japanese artists, as well as all the music owned record companies in Japan.One of the most popular names are Ayumi Hamasaki, Gact, Girl Next Door and others.

Japanese jazz - among the Japan
ese has the largest number of fans.It is a mixture of traditional American jazz and Japanese culture, Japanese folk melodies.According to many fans of the style, the Japanese jazz perfectly embodies the spirit and philosophy of Zen Buddhism.

Japanese rock - as well as throughout the world, has a very wide audience.The most famous group The Alfee and B'z.In the genre of metal in the lead group of The Gazette, NoGoD, Matenrou Opera.Also popular group -OZ- and Deathgaze, playing in the style of extreme metal.

Visual Kei - popular genre of Japanese music that arose from mixing glam rock, punk rock and metal.A distinctive feature of the reports of the music to the listener is shocking and eye-catching appearance of the artist.Artists Visual Kei - are men, women use make-up, clothes and manner of performance.From the perspective of the Japanese feminine man - not gay, and womanizer.That is why the style of Visual Kei created together with the music genre and a separate youth subculture.
Karaoke - Japanese invention that allows for fun sing to prerecorded music.One of the most popular entertainment, not only in Japan but also worldwide.

popular artists in the style of Visual Kei bands are now considered An Café, AliceNine, Versailles.And the performers often play the Japanese Visual Kei rock and metal for fans of The Gazette and NoGoD.And those, in turn, speak to fans of Visual Kei.Thus, all these styles have a significant influence on each other, but retain their unique identity.


Japanese idol groups - groups that consist of good looking girls and attractive young people, the image of which is designed to excite and fall in love with yourself.The leaders are the Morning Musume, Oricon, AKB48, Hello!Project And Arashi.
Vocaloid - a computer program that synthesizes the voice of a man.Using this program you can create a new song without human intervention.Popularity Vocaloid - virtual voices of singers and pevits- in Japan is extremely high.For example, the popularity of Hatsune Miku voice comparable to the popularity of the most hyped bands and artists.Japanese composers professionals and amateurs have created a large number of works Vocaloid is widely known not only in Japan but also abroad.