patronized Euterpe of lyric poetry and music.She is portrayed with a flute.Euterpe - muse melodies born from the sounds of nature, symbolizing purification.
Calliope - patron of epic poetry and philosophy.Usually depicted with a waxed tablet and stylus (pencil for writing).From the union with Apollo at the Calliope had sons Orpheus and Linus - the most famous singers and musicians in ancient Greek mythology.On behalf of the muse was named Calliope musical instrument - a steam organ.Different instrument loud and shrill sounds.Originally intended to replace the church bells, but was used in circuses to lure visitors.Sets calliope and pleasure steamers, where it performed musical numbers.
Melpomene - the patroness of the tragedy.Genre tragedy played an important role in the education of civic spirit and patriotism among the Greeks.Melpomene is portrayed in the mantle on his shoulders, and wearing a crown of vine leaves hair.In one hand she holds a tragic mask, the other - a mace or sword.Melpomene - mother prekrasnogolosyh sirens.Muse became a symbol of theater.Melpomene ministers called actors, and the temple of Melpomene - the theater.
Thalia - muse of comedy, known for its beauty.Depicted in light clothing, with a wreath of ivy on his head in her hands she holds a comic mask.It teaches people to look at themselves from the outside, with a smile, calls relate to the difficult situation in life and accept their own mistakes as a lesson for the future.
Polyhymnia - the muse of hymns and solemn music.She portrayed in layers of clothing, with a lyre or a scroll in his hands.Polyhymnia protects speakers people studying rhetoric.Its mission - to help mankind to realize the true power of words, with which you can not only inspire the greatest feats, but can injure and kill.
Terpsichore - the muse of dance and choral singing.Sometimes portrayed dancing, but mostly sitting and playing the lyre, but always with the same smile on his face.The ability to dance very revered among the Greeks in the ancient dance school even included in the mandatory training program.Calling Terpsichore - to teach people to harmony between body and soul.It inspires its fans to express thoughts and emotions through movement.
Erato - muse of love poetry.Her head is decorated with a wreath of roses in the hands of the lyre and the Muses plectrum.It inspires people to sublime love daruyuschuyu wings.Erato is especially revered in love, which calls for sacrifice and the balance between physical and spiritual pleasures
Clio - patroness of history, "the giver of glory."Patroness of poets, who wrote about the heroic exploits and battles.As the poets themselves can not be present on the battlefield, they called Clio, she helped to restore the picture.In addition, the muse to inspire people to self-knowledge, helping to choose and find their purpose in life.In this muse of the greatest number of attributes.She is depicted with papyrus and slate, with a case for the scrolls, sometimes holding a tablet - the board with writing.There are pictures of Clio in a laurel wreath (the symbol of valor and nobility) and pipe (symbol of glory).
Urania - the patroness of astronomy.In her hands she holds a globe and compass, which determines the distance between the stars.Urania inspires people to the contemplation of beauty.She encourages people to break away from the routine and pay attention to the greatness of the stars, which you can see the reflection of the intricacies of their own destiny.Especially revered Urania and navigators, who during his travels guided by the stars.