At the time, the violin he called not only as "the queen of the orchestra."Despite the apparent fragility and elegance of form, there are hidden enormous opportunities.Perhaps that is why the great violinist constantly improved her game.

Ancestors of the violin mastery

famous violinist Niccolo Paganini during the life of the musical genius was the violin art.His father forced him to play the instrument just before exhaustion.Thank virtuoso spread not only throughout Italy but also in Europe.By the way, Paganini possessed a precious collection of Stradivarius and Guarneri violins.He also had a violin Amati, the family of the oldest masters of stringed instruments.

Another great maestro - Antonio Vivaldi.He was not only a great composer, but also was a consummate violinist.He was born in Venice.His first teacher at the violin was his father
.Already a well-known composer, conductor, violinist, and, eventually, a virtuoso, he was able to create a completely new musical form.Means - Violin Concerto.And his famous works for violin and orchestra, entitled "Seasons" has become just an incredible popularity. Vivaldi was a priest, and sometimes, in moments of inspiration, could interrupt the Mass, to capture on paper the new masterpiece.Out of this ministry maestro defrocked.

great Soviet violinist

known domestic musician David Oistrakh was only three and a half years old when his father brought home a toy violin.Young David fancied himself a street musician.Actually it girl came to pass rather quickly.Tours Oistrakh as a concert singer began when he was only sixteen.And in 1937 it began and international fame.That's when the whole planet went out a fame of a certain global violinist.The most venerable of his colleagues gave him the palm.

Princess pop violin

now considered to be the princess of pop violin Vanessa Mae.It is this fragile girl could teach a generation of '90s love classical music.Vanessa was born the same day as Paganini, and the first time she came on stage, when she was nine.In 1991, she was able to record their debut album.At that time she was only eleven years old. Vanakorn Vanessa Mae Nicholson (such is its full name) is among the hundred most beautiful women in the world.

This amazing string instrument - violin - still walks majestically across the globe.In Russia and in the West every year are new contests, and the joy of all, new, young stars of violin mastery.