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Authorship romance "Shine, shine, my star" is attributed by some experts to Admiral AVKolchak, but many are skeptical about this version as the year of creation and the romance of his life, Admiral did not match.It is more likely that Kolchak, the famous explorer and very romantic nature, just loved this romance.The primary source of the melody, which has come down to our days, is the original melody composer Pyotr Bulakhov, but the song got a new life before World War I, when the singer and composer Vladimir Sabinin significantly reworked melody and part of the text of the romance writing it on a plate in a new form, and speaking with himconcerts.

to modern music lovers "Burn, burn, my star" reached in that revised version.

From 1920 to 1930 romance forbidden to publish and perform, because he was considered a White Guard.Only in the mid-1940s, the legendary singer Ivan Kozlovsky and Lemeshev S. Vinogradov dared to include it in their repertoire, thus rehabilitated song in the eyes of society.In 1944, the world saw the plate with the performance of a romance Georgy Vinogradov and Attribution of a Basil Chuevskogo.According to Vinogradov, a move was made to disprove the legend about the authorship of the White Guard Kolchak.That was the only reason that Chuevsky was quoted by the author of the romance - in fact, it really was a co-author of some works Bulakhov, but, in contrast, from the edition of "Shine, shine, my star" of his name is always mentioned in the publication of collaborative creativity with other authors.

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Over the years the song "Shine, shine, my star" was performed exclusively tenors, but this tradition has violated singer Boris Shtokolov, sung his bass and was a huge success.It performed Shtokolova romance Enjoy a modern fans of the genre, and gained many new admirers.A considerable contribution to its popularity and made a Polish girl Anna German, wrote it down in Moscow in conjunction with the instrumental ensemble.

addition to Admiral Kolchak, author of romance "Shine, shine, my star" and attributed to the famous poet Gumilev.

Romance perform as the orchestra and a cappella, like the accordion and the guitar as a balalaika and a piano.To this day, "Shine, shine, my star" remains the romance alive and loved in the repertoire of Russian (and not only) Vocal decorating their creative path inextinguishable shining star.